We need you election day

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We are only 5 days away from the most important election in our life time and that of our children. I want to thank you for joining this team. Your dollars and time spent on this campaign have moved the needle towards a better future. Now, I need you to get across the finish line on election day.

There are two ways you can push this movement towards a win: 

First–Will you sign up to place signs at polling locations on November 2nd and 3rd? Many polling locations need signs placed on access roads to make sure voters see my name one last time before marking their ballot.  Access Signup Genius for available spots here.

Second–Will you electioneer for me and hand out literature to voters before they go to the polls? 
Electioneering involves having a positive presence for a candidate at a polling location on Election Day. I need your help to ensure voters know who I am and how I will help improve this district before they cast their ballots. Access the sign up Genius for Electioneering spots here.

I am relying on you. Thank you for your steadfast support. 

Wishing you well, 

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