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Dear Friends,

I did not win my race for state house in Arizona. I offer my congratulations to Judy Burges and Quang Nguyen for their success.

My team and I ran the best campaign that we could. If campaigns were won by hard work and heart, we would have won hands down. This campaign ends with our heads held high and our values intact. Arizona has turned blue; not my district, but my state.

We’d love to hear from you, how working on this campaign impacted you and our community.

Together, with support from 242 volunteers and 883 donors, we dialed 70,677 numbers, sent 5,921 postcards, dropped literature at 3,886 doors, sent 279,585 texts to 13,273 people, and sent 73,000 mailers to voters.

Tomorrow, we can reflect on this experience and all that has been learned. Now, it is time to rest from our endeavors, secure in the knowledge that we put forth our best effort. Moving forward, the message and the mission remain the same.

To everyone who supported this campaign with your time, talent, and treasure, I offer my deepest gratitude. These bonds and relationships will endure. What we have built, we will continue to nurture and grow. I remain excited and optimistic about the future. Working with the incredible team that I have on this campaign, I can be no less. I urge you all to stay engaged and let your light shine!

When the day comes, I will be able to look my grandchildren in the eye, secure in the knowledge that, in our 2020 campaign, we did everything we could to fight for the future that they deserve. We will continue to fight for that future. And so, this is the #StahlForAll campaign signing off, for now.



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