Donald Trump is planning to pack the Supreme Court

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Friends – An alarming new report from CNN warns that Donald Trump has begun making plans to fill as many as two Supreme Court vacancies “before November’s election.”

With his poll numbers collapsing and state GOP candidates in free-fall with him, Trump has decided that a fight over control of the court is his golden ticket to re-election – and his allies are now working furiously to engineer those vacancies.

Mitch McConnell has already said he’ll move to fill any vacancies, and now Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is publicly pressuring sitting judges to step down – demanding that they “do it now” so that he and Trump can lock in their right-wing agenda “for several generations.”

If Trump is allowed to pack the Supreme Court with even more right-wing justices, GOP state legislators could get a blank check from the court for generations to come – including absolute power to abolish reproductive rights, rig our voting laws, roll back equal rights, and more.

Republicans are already perfecting their playbook for when Trump gets to choose his next favorite Supreme Court justice.

They’ve already asked for – and received from the court – free rein to gerrymander congressional districts to favor Republicans. A new case could give them the same absolute power to rig voting laws, too.

If more Trump appointees make it onto the Supreme Court and rubber-stamp the GOP’s extremist view of the Constitution, they could make it impossible to hold Republicans accountable at any level of the ballot. That’s why we need to fight back NOW.

Don’t let Trump, Lindsey Graham, and right-wing state legislators rig our democracy through the courts: Rush a donation right now to elect state Democrats and fight back >>



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