Trump Makes His Move to Rig Redistricting for the Next Decade: Gerrymandering Alert

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Friends– The Trump administration’s commitment to racist gerrymandering has finally gone too far.

In open defiance of last year’s Supreme Court ruling rejecting Trump’s plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, Trump just signed an executive order removing millions of non-citizens from the count that determines how many seats each state gets in the House of Representatives.

This blatantly unconstitutional order is nothing but an 11th-hour scheme to strip congressional seats and power from states with large communities of color – like Nevada, California, and Florida – and redistribute them to mostly-white, mostly-Republican leaning states instead.

If Trump gets away with this, not only will millions of Black, Asian, and Latino Americans be stripped of the representation they’re entitled to under the Constitution, but Republicans could gain an artificial advantage in congressional and presidential elections for at least the next DECADE.

This order raises the stakes dramatically this fall. Please RUSH a $10 donation to help guarantee a Democratic victory in states across the nation, so we can end right-wing map manipulation once and for all >>

Here’s the good news – the news Trump doesn’t want Democratic voters to realize:

A big enough Democratic victory this fall would leave just enough to time to reverse Trump’s census-rigging plan and STOP right-wing gerrymandering before the damage they do is permanent.

If we dig deep and fight back like never before, we WILL defeat the GOP in races from our statehouses all the way to Trump’s doorstep, and then we can save our democracy by banishing right-wing gerrymandering forever. But it all comes down to this fall’s elections – and we have to move fast.

Can we count on you? Rush a donation right now to deliver the Democratic victory we need, in states across the country >>



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