Why Biden?

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The Heartland Mamas discuss Why Joe Biden in their first hard look at the heir apparent to the DNC Standard Bearer. 

As Progressive Feminist Democrats, Heidi and Murri were drawn to the philosophies of Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Tom Steyer and somewhat to Independent candidate Bernie Sanders. 

As they witnessed first hand in Iowa for the Caucuses, people may love the ideas of Warren/Yang/Steyer/Sanders but they are not ready for a “revolution” they are shell shocked and ready for some peace and quiet. A steady and experienced hand on the tiller of America. So they flocked to Biden as the foil to the disaster that is donald trump.

So the answer to “Why Biden” is in a word “safety” or even “Sanity” – will there be room at the top of the ticket for progressive ideals? Or will another centrist Democrat be chosen to appease the urgency of addressing systemic racism in America? 

Time will tell. With neither a VP or Platform Planks in place, progressives are anxious for answers. We feel Biden will wait on this as long as He strategically can, making big announcements at the time of the virtual convention in July. 

Biden will be the Standard Bearer for our party. And we feel He is the man in this moment in our history. 

Stay tuned for part 2 “The Planks”! 

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