Republicans bet it all on gerrymandering

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Republicans know they’re in trouble in these elections, and that’s why they’re desperately spending $125 million to hang onto enough state legislatures to stay in charge of redrawing the district maps after the 2020 census.

If Republicans can’t control what the new maps look like, then they won’t be able to rig the districts to keep themselves in power for the next decade. For them, that means this November is about survival. If they lose the power to gerrymander, they lose their stranglehold on our democracy – and they know it.

That’s why we have to win. Donald Trump and his Republican cronies have already set us back – we can’t let them steal another decade of elections and keep tearing our country apart.

The Guardian recently exposed how incredibly well-funded the GOP’s plan is. They project to spend $125 million for their “Right Lines 2020” strategy. And their single biggest funder? The Judicial Crisis Network – the same right-wing group that helped get Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh, just a few months ago, provided the decisive 5th vote to remove ALL possible limits on right-wing gerrymandering in federal court. Now one of his biggest financial backers wants to use that power to gerrymander maps for another decade.

President Obama: 'I'm counting on you'

Not long ago, President Obama wrote directly to Democrats across the nation with an important message for the campaign ahead.

He explained that in this time of crisis, “America is crying out for change.” He noted that on all the most important issues of the day – from health care to voting rights to policing and criminal justice reform – “we are fighting to usher in an entire decade of progress in America.”

President Obama is 100% right: This election is our chance to steer our country back in the right direction after years of Republican corruption and extremism.

But we have to think bigger than just the White House, Gary. As President Obama pointed out in his message, truly transforming this nation “will take thousands of strong Democratic state legislators, backed by millions of voters, volunteers, and grassroots supporters like you.”

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