Juneteenth is over, but our work has just begun.

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Election 2020


We’ll wager that most of us did not learn about Juneteenth, or actually even very much about African American history, in our school textbooks. In the spirit of this painful moment, we recommend watching the PBS documentary The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross. Learning more of the true history of our nation, however, is only a small step. In the coming months and years, we will need to act upon what we learn to finally begin to dismantle racism in America. 

Actions You Can Take This Week

Reclaim Our Vote National Virtual Phone Bank. We’re calling registered voters of color in Texas, urging them to request an absentee ballot application for the July 14th Primary Runoff elections. It’s a health issue as well as a get-out-the-vote effort and will ensure that voters get an absentee ballot for the November 3rd election.

Join us Thursday, June 25th: The virtual phone bank starts with a 30-minute pep rally and quick training session, followed by a 2-hour working session, with a 15-minute recap and swap of stories at the end. Sign up HERE.

Then on Saturday, June 27th join Reclaim Our Vote in a webinar that will examine the history of voter suppression in the United States and Texas and a training that will teach you how to mobilize voters anywhere, anytime during the pandemic. Afterwards, we will phone bank together as a coalition united against voter suppression to turn out voters for the July 14th Texas runoff election. Sign up HERE.

New to phone banking? Watch the Reclaim Our Vote training video or sign up for our training HERE 

Keep track of your totals! Lean Left wants to hear about all the good work you’re doing. How many conversations with voters are you having? Share the results of a conversation, and we’ll share this info with Lean Lefters around the state. Complete this Phone Bank Tally Sheet every time you make 

Have questions? Need support?
Get in touch with us here. 

Resistance Labs has recently been texting for groups like Black Voters MatterOne PennsylvaniaTunout2020, and many more, doing voter outreach for upcoming primaries, as well as mobilizing volunteers to take action on issues like policing in schools, clean energy, expanding Medicaid, and voting rights — and they’ll be needing texting volunteers all week (and through November) for more of this kind of critical work!  They use Spoke to text, and Slack for communication and support. If you’ve texted with them before, head to their Slack workspace — if you haven’t, get started by signing up here and you’ll be invited to their Slack workspace and get access to their training materials!  Brand new to text banking? Head to leanleftvt.org/text to learn more about this flexible, fun, effective way to take action — or join us for a training on Zoom this Wednesday at 3pm, by signing up here!

After taking a short break from postcards, Lean Left Vermonters came back strong: In 5 days, individuals and groups around the state requested more than 15,000 addresses to contact voters in North Carolina and ask them to Pledge to Vote in November. Sounds simple: Pledge to Vote.

But there’s a method behind the online pledge.

  • Pledging to vote online puts voters into the North Carolina NAACP’s support network.
  • NAACP chapter leaders then follow up the pledge with safe ways voters can exercise their right to vote, avoid voter suppression through Early Voting, get rides to the polls, navigate absentee voting laws, and so on.
  • When a voter pledges to vote and invites 5 friends to join, they will do so with enthusiasm, because their friends and family will also get this support. 
  • Those who pledge to vote and ask 5 friends are not only identifying as voters but as activists and stakeholders–and some will be recruited as volunteers.

And those 15,000 postcards you’re sending? They will be followed by phone calls. Get in on this massive web of voter engagement by writing postcards and making calls.

A Message from a Friend
Is More Effective

MoveOn recently cited research indicating that this social technique of spreading the word, and being contacted by people you know, is measurably more effective than simply being contacted by strangers and asked to vote. This type of contact will increase voter engagement and ownership of the political process and will not only positively affect the results in November, but extend way beyond it.

The Cafe’s working sessions will be held twice a month through August. Join us and sign up HERE. But if twice a month isn’t enough for you, consider wandering over to the Indivisible Mad River Valley Cafe held every Thursday. Bring a friend or a bunch of friends who are actively phone banking or texting. It is more fun working together.

Training Opportunities:
Are You Ready to Roll? As primaries end in many states, we need to gear up for work that will help protect voting rights, register voters, and get the voters educated. Check out Lean Left’s training schedules: phone banking here and texting here.

Money talks!  Commit to joining or starting your own Giving Circle. In addition to all the other actions, we need to support the groups and candidates who will get out the vote and lead us to victory in November. Learn more about how Giving Circles work here. 

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

Lean Left Vermont works to elect Democrats and Progressives in key states around the nation. We empower Vermonters to engage in strategic, targeted actions that will flip congressional and state-level seats from red to blue, or keep seats blue.

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