It’s Been Five Years Since Trump Went Down the Escalator

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Dear friend,

We recognize Juneteenth or Emancipation Day — a celebration of the end of chattel slavery in the United States of America.

More than two years after President Abraham Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation and two months after the Confederate Army had surrendered, Union troops finally arrived in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, to inform and enforce the freedom of those who had been enslaved.

As our team takes the day to commemorate Juneteenth, we hope you and your family are able to share in the celebration. Here are a few events happening across the state:

However, there is clearly still much more we can do to achieve freedom and equality for all Americans. That’s why so many are marching in the streets, to proclaim that Black Lives Matter. We also want everyone to be safe as they march together, and we have several masks available in our store. Half of all the proceeds from the masks will be donated to the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, whose members are fighting to declare racism a public health crisis and pushing forward legislation to address racial disparities and inequities.

In solidarity,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party


Trump’s Disastrous Five Years

In the five years since Donald Trump went down the escalator at Trump Tower to kick off his presidential campaign, Ohio has lost nearly 675,000 jobs and had its worst year for jobs since the Great Recession in 2019 — long before the coronavirus crisis hit.

“Donald Trump is desperately trying to take a victory lap on the economy, but what he fails to mention is that 2019 was the worst year for jobs in Ohio since the Great Recession,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “On the day of Trump’s inauguration, the General Motors plant in Lordstown laid off thousands of workers, and the factory eventually shut down early last year. First, Trump told Ohioans that their jobs were ‘all coming back,’ imploring them, ‘Don’t move, don’t sell your house.’ Then Trump said that Lordstown’s closing ‘doesn’t really matter,’ even though Ohio lost thousands of manufacturing jobs last year. As GM was laying off thousands of workers across the country, they actually got a rebate on their federal income taxes thanks to the Trump tax scam. And as Trump has relentlessly attacked the Affordable Care Act, we have seen the number of uninsured Ohioans increase, despite Trump’s pledge that there would be ‘insurance for everybody.’ Time and time again, Donald Trump has broken his promises, and working Ohioans are paying the price.”

Trump has lied to and failed the American people over and over again. From jobs to health care to racial justice, Trump has only made things worse.

Celebrate, Then Get to Work

Monday, state Sen. Nickie J. Antonio issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that federal law protects LGBTQ employees from job discrimination.

“I applaud this decision by the Supreme Court. However, while today’s ruling is significant, it is not the solution to provide full LGBTQ equality. Now more than ever, we need to pass the Ohio Fairness Act, which reaffirms that LGBTQ people should be able to work, live and play without discrimination.

“It is time for Ohio to take a stand and affirm that it welcomes all workers and families, including those from the LGBTQ community. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce and almost 1,000 businesses agree that if we want to re-energize Ohio’s economy, we need to pass the Ohio Fairness Act.”

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