The GOP just rigged voting laws in a target state

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Republicans in Iowa just passed a law imposing stricter voter-ID requirements, which could disenfranchise thousands of Iowans due to a simple typo or administrative error.

Republicans added this bill at the last second during an hours-long weekend session that lasted well into the night. While they were at it, they also slashed the state’s election budget – even as costs are soaring to keep voters safe during the pandemic.

Iowa is a key target for Trump, House and Senate Republicans, and the GOP’s nationwide gerrymandering strategy. And now they’re rigging the voting laws in their favor ahead of this crucial election.

Republicans have proved once again that they’ll stop at nothing to rig the playing field in their favor. We cannot let them get away with it in one of the most crucial swing states in the nation.

We’ve seen Republicans do this before: In Kentucky earlier this year, Republicans enacted one of the strictest voter-ID requirements in the entire country, just in time for the toughest re-election fight of Mitch McConnell’s career.

As the election gets closer, more Republican-held legislatures around the country will do the same to try to manipulate the voting system in their favor – all so they can gerrymander maps for the next decade.

Voting rights are one of the cornerstones of America’s democracy, and Republicans are undermining it. This is unacceptable, and it DEMANDS an urgent Democratic response.


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