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Americans all across the country are fighting for racial justice and an end to white supremacy by protesting. Here in Ohio, protestors are marching in cities big and small. But this fight does not end with justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or Ahmaud Arbery — racism must be fought with legislation as well. It must be fought in every aspect of our lives.

The Ohio Democratic Party is currently hiring for several jobs. We want to have a diverse workplace with folks being able to bring their individual experiences to the table. We strongly encourage people of color and LGBTQ+ people to apply for these positions. You can find all positions available here.

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David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party



The Ohio Democratic Party today released a new video contrasting Donald Trump’s lies and broken promises with the disastrous economic reality in the Buckeye State, where over the last 11 weeks nearly 1.3 million workers have filed for unemployment — that’s more than the last three years combined.

Facebook video

“Last year was Ohio’s worst year for jobs since the Great Recession — and that was before the coronavirus crisis hit,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “More than one million Ohioans have lost their jobs in less than three months because of Donald Trump’s chaotic mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis, and Donald Trump has the audacity to call that some sort of victory. But his callousness is no surprise — Trump said it didn’t matter when General Motors announced it was closing its Lordstown factory, which led to the loss of thousands of jobs. This was after he told the people of the Mahoning Valley not to move or sell their houses. Donald Trump keeps breaking his promises, and working Ohioans are the ones paying the price.”

The video also focuses on Trump’s heinous remarks on George Floyd and contrasts them with those of Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, who was pepper-sprayed last weekend while trying to de-escalate a confrontation at a peaceful demonstration in Columbus.

Facebook video

“When the nation is on fire, and you have the person who should be the Commander-in-Chief fanning the fire, it’s just awful. But, however sad to say, not surprising,” said Congresswoman Joyce Beatty. “This is the same man that has made so many racial statements, ‘when the looting comes the shooting,’ when Puerto Ricans were devastated he threw them rolls of paper towels, when athletes were kneeling he called them S.O.B’s, he went across the street to take a photo-op, with a Bible, and yet people were harmed who were protesting peacefully, and the list goes on.”


OLBC is Fighting Racism

The Ohio Black Legislative Caucus this week spoke in support of considering a bill that would declare racism a public health crisis. Amid a pandemic that disproportionately affects Black Ohioans and protests against racist police violence, this resolution would require lawmakers to look at all legislation through a racial equity lens, among 15 other points.



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