GOP recall effort nearing critical deadline

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Here’s the latest –

The effort to recall one of the most popular Democratic leaders in America is heading toward a crucial deadline.

This Monday, Michigan election officials have scheduled a hearing on the recall effort targeting Governor Gretchen Whitmer – possibly the final step before right-wing activists get a green light to take their vendetta against Gov. Whitmer to the streets.

At the same time, top GOP legislators in the state have declared it their top priority to strip Gov. Whitmer of key powers – giving recall organizers an important new ally in the GOP-majority legislature.

If right-wingers get their way, Trump’s allies could be one step closer to removing one of his most vocal critics from office. We have to be ready to fight back.

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Make no mistake: This is a direct attempt to undermine the will of the voters. Even though two-thirds of Michigan voters approve of Gov. Whitmer in the latest poll, Trump’s loyal supporters are still mobilizing for this big deadline.

For weeks, Trump has targeted Gov. Whitmer because she has refused to spread his misinformation, instead leading her state decisively in the global crisis. But Trump’s right-wing supporters leaped into action right after his attacks – filing an official recall effort to remove Gov. Whitmer from office.

And that’s just the beginning: Republican state legislators and activists across the country have expanded this scheme and are threatening to remove eight other Democratic governors.

If this recall against Gov. Whitmer is approved – a recall right-wingers have anticipated for weeks – we MUST be ready to fight back on a moment’s notice.


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