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The Field Team 6 Weekly
Register Democrats. Save the world.
June 4, 2020

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This week we’ve had curfews added to our quarantines. We’ve had tear gas added to our tears. We’ve had police violence at our protests against police violence. Because to this historic pandemic, America brings a pre-existing condition – white supremacy, the moral disease that’s haunted us since before we were a country.

George Floyd was a husband, a brother, a father to two daughters. His brutal murderers must be brought to justice. And we also know this is one crime in an ocean of crimes. In fact our entire culture must be brought to justice. That requires a movement.

So thousands have stepped up and had the courage to protest peacefully in over 400 cities across 50 states, despite the deadly pandemic. Thousands put on their masks and revealed who they really are. All this as the coward in the White House had to spray on his makeup and pepper spray peaceful protesters, just to cross the street and get his photo taken holding a bible upside down.

Empowering people of color has always been part of our core mission at Field Team 6. And now we redouble our efforts. By registering people to vote, by listening to what they care about, and by making sure their voices are heard, we bring every good-hearted person we can find into the American conversation.

This is how we eject the white supremacist from the White House.
This is how we defeat every Republican who is complicit.
This is how we elect leaders up and down the ballot who champion anti-racist policies, from mayors who pass police reform to a president who restores civil rights as a national priority.
This is how we create a nation where this can never happen again.

The strength of a million lies cannot beat the strength of a great truth – the truth that we are all one. And when we stand together, nothing can stop us. So keep fighting. For Michael Brown. For Eric Garner. For Philando Castile. For Stephon Clark. For Terence Crutcher. For Breonna Taylor. For Sandra Bland. For Walter Scott. For Eric Harris. For Tony Robinson. For Rumain Brisbon. For Tamir Rice. For Laquan McDonald. For Amaud Arbery. For all the rest whose names we know, and the many more we don’t. And for George Floyd.

Say his name: George Floyd. May it be the last on this list.


  • 8 Can’t Wait: A new action-oriented, practical campaign from our friends at Campaign Zero, plus DeRay Mckesson, Brittany Packnett Cunningham and other good folks. You can help push for 8 specific changes in policing policies that result in 72% less violence and death, cost little to nothing, and still preserve community safety. Find out more HERE.
  • Campaign Zero: Thoughtful info on how to end police violence in America through simple policy solutions. Learn more HERE.
  • Black Voters Matter: Dedicated to increasing voter registration and turnout in communities of color. Kindred spirits of Field Team 6. Check them out HERE.
  • Color of Change: Timely and important voter justice platform. Get involved HERE.
  • Black Lives Matter: At this moment in time, everyone should listen to what they have to say. Do so HERE.
  • The Movement for Black Lives: curates many great resources, including an electoral strategy, right HERE.
  • The Obama Foundation: Has curated specific links for this critical moment entitled “Anguish and Action.” Learn lots more HERE.
  • The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights: Their highly respected “New Era of Public Safety” toolkit is posted on the Obama Foundation’s site. You can read it HERE.


This country has changed with lightning speed, and we’ve moved just as fast to adapt our strategy for the Battle of 2020. Join us next Wednesday, June 10 at 5:30p PT for a briefing call to discuss how Field Team 6 is adapting the work of turning voices into votes for the stay-home age. RSVP HERE to receive the Zoom link — and, if you’re so moved, please consider a DONATION to FT6.

#VoteForOurLives Digital Rally

Last week’s Declaration for American Democracy #ProtectOurVote tweetstorm generated over 100,000 impressions across 54 channels… and even more importantly, 200,000+ calls to Congress. This week, DemCast is putting together another action to demand that the Senate pass the $3.4B in election funding already passed by the House.

Join the digital rally today, Thursday 6/4 from 1-3p PT / 4-6p ET. Check out their DIGITAL TOOLKIT for more information. You can also find pre-made social media post ideas HERE.


We’re partnering with Grassroots Democrats HQ to defend the seven California districts we flipped in 2018, and to flip two more. To do this we’ll be calling No Party Preference voters and signing them up as Democrats. Sign up below!

Saturday 6/6, 11a-1p PT – RSVP
Wednesday 6/10, 6-8p PT – RSVP
Saturday 6/13, 11a-1p PT – RSVP
Wednesday 6/17, 6-8p PT – RSVP


We’ve partnered with Organizing Together 2020 Florida to reclaim this battleground state in November by signing up registered Dems to vote by mail. Training provided, and help available on Slack during your shift. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in June. Sign up HERE.

Friday 6/5, two-hour shifts from 7a-3p PT – RSVP
Saturday 6/6, two-hour shifts from 7a-3p PT – RSVP
Wednesday 6/10, two-hour shifts from 9a-3p PT – RSVP
Friday 6/12, two-hour shifts from 7a-3p PT – RSVP
Saturday 6/13, two-hour shifts from 7a-3p PT – RSVP
Wednesday 6/17, two-hour shifts from 9a-3p PT – RSVP


We’re calling up Arizona Democrats who are registered to vote but are not signed up to vote by mail. Join us for a quick training, then put us on mute and make your calls. We’ll be available to answer any questions you have.

Thursday 6/4, 4-5:30p PT/MST – RSVP
Saturday 6/6, 11a-12:30p PT/MST – RSVP
Tuesday 6/9, 7-8:30p PT/MST – RSVP
Thursday 6/11, 4-5:30p PT/MST – RSVP
Saturday 6/13, 11a-12:30p PT/MST – RSVP
Monday 6/15, 4-5:30p PT/MST – RSVP


Reach out to voters in battleground states and sign them up to vote by mail!FLORIDA – PENNSYLVANIA – TEXAS


Field Team 6 is reaching out and expanding our network into other states. If you have a few hours a week and enjoy connecting with other activists, Field Team 6 needs you!! Contact us for details.


Our fantastic partners at the Grassroots Democratic HQWestside Democratic HQ, & Civic Sundayscan help you call from home for crucial races in Arizona and other key states!

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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