Five Ways to Raise Your Spirits This Week

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Call Dems for the June 2nd Primary in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania’s June 2nd Primary will be the first time that state has used mail-in ballots extensively. Make calls to Democrats to be sure they return their ballots, thus building trust in the process before the November election. We hear voters are happy to get these calls!

Celebrate the Big Send – Join An Online Letter Party!

Sue and Melissa welcome you to their online letter party! Write letters, get assistance and chat over Zoom and a batch of letters. Download your own letters or put in a request and they will email you a pdf to print at home (or even send you a batch by mail).

CA-21: Phone Bank for T.J. Cox!

TJ Cox is a great Congressman in a tight, CA-21 race. Help him win!

Volunteer to Personalize a Packet of GOTV Letters This Summer!

Personalize GOTV letters this summer and then mail them to key states in October. Send an email to to arrange pick up of a packet of 100 letters (it takes about an hour to do 20 letters).

Call Michigan Voters – Encourage Signup for Permanent Absentee Ballots!

Call Michigan voters and ask them to sign up for permanent absentee ballots. Help Democrats win up and down the ballot in the Great Lakes State!


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