Transparency Topples Government Corruption

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It’s no secret that many of our elected officials are bought and paid for by the elite. An annual salary of approximately $174,000 is not enough for some individuals who are elected to represent the people. The annual income of many of the people who voted to send these politicians to represent them is not $174,000. If you do the math, I am sure you will find that many people across this county do not make what the officials they elect make annually. And sadly, for some elected officials, this annual income is simply not enough. These individuals will let greed drive them to use inside information the average American is not privy to receive so they can make themselves even more wealthy.

We continue to find insider trading because it is being bought and paid for by lobbying organizations. We continue to allow some elected officials to place their needs above their constituents. This nation can not continue down this path of capital inequality.  We currently have 40 million Americans submitting requests for unemployment, a global pandemic that has killed over 100,000 citizens in our country, and rather than stand up for their constituents who are struggling, it’s business as usual for lifetime politicians in DC. The constituents are ignored, and no one is truly stepping up to change the current situation across this country, which is looking quite grim.

I’m the guy who wants transparency. I want it to be mandatory that lobbyist wear body cameras on federal property. I’m the one who wants to end Citizens United and Right to Work. I will push to place term limits on the ballot so that the people get to vote and decide whether we can finally do away with lifetime politicians. The ones who have historically taken a $174,000 a year salary and transformed it into ten times that much. Our country cannot remain on this path if this nation is to continue being the leader of the free world. I’m the guy who wants to represent you and make changes that will help the people of West Virginia.

Sappers clear the way; Airborne all the way,

Richard Ojeda II


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I believe that elected officials work for the people, not the other way around. After 24 years in the U.S. Army, I came home and found my district of southern West Virginia in poverty with people who were tired of a government that didn’t listen to them. That is when I decided to run for office and give the people of my district a voice in Washington.

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