Out-of-work Floridians deserve better

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It’s unacceptable. Floridians need help putting food on the table, but they can’t get through to Florida’s unemployment system despite applying online, over the phone or writing paper applications.

And yet, Governor Ron DeSantis thinks that 99.99% of “legitimate” applications have been paid. And to everyone who hasn’t been able to get through? According to DeSantis, that’s on them.

And when Florida House Democrats called for a Special Legislative session to deal with the unemployment debacle, to increase Medicaid benefits, and to safeguard our elections, Republicans turned them down.

Ron DeSantis and the Florida GOP won’t acknowledge the problem, and they won’t even meet to come up with the solution. We need to vote them out! Can we raise $3,000 so our party is ready to flip the Florida State Legislature in November?

Floridians are suffering. The Republicans in Tallahassee and Ron DeSantis won’t do anything about it. So it’s time we voted them out.

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