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For thousands of us in southern CA, this district was where we began our fight against the Trump administration. The people of CA-25 are our family. We will always remember our massive victory there with Katie Hill the night we flipped the House.

Though we just lost this special election to a nationally-funded Republican, Democratic turnout will be much higher in the presidential election… especially this presidential election. Remember, our work is cumulative. Every Democrat we’ve registered stays registered… every consciousness we’ve raised stays raised… and because we build on our work, we will take back this seat in November. Along with NC-09 and House seats across the country… along with the Senate… along with the White House.

So take the time you need to mourn, sign up for the Organizer Self-Care Workshop below, take heart that we are a massive, national army of volunteer heroes who, despite a global pandemic, are on track to save the world in November… and get back in the fight!

SECRET MISSION: Spring Cleaning

Help us buy the supplies we need to clean house in November! In our new video by Jeff Sielaff, Field Team 6 founder Jason Berlin infiltrates the White House with a crack team of volunteers…

The Return of #VirusFreeVoting

We’re partnering with #VirusFreeVoting to launch another virtual protest! Round 2 will be even bigger and better. Demand Congress protect our November elections and the US Post Office by:

It’s all going down this Monday, 5/18 from 1-3p PDT.  See the brand spanking new website for details, or click below!

This Saturday: Drink for a Good Cause!

Our virtual happy hour is almost here! On 5/16, raise your glass and donate your dollars to help Field Team 6 getcollege kids in Florida registered to vote. Each ticket gets you a link to access the event on Zoom — click HERE to purchase. If you can’t attend, please make a DONATION to support our cause!


We’re calling up Arizona Democrats who are registered to vote but are not signed up to vote by mail. Join us for a quick training, then put us on mute and make your calls! We’ll be available to answer any questions you have.

Thursday 5/14, 4-5:30p PDT – RSVP
Saturday 5/16, 11a-12:30p PDT – RSVP
Thursday 5/21, 4-5:30p PDT – RSVP
Saturday 5/23, 11a-12:30p PDT – RSVP

Self-Care Workshop for Organizers

Saving the world is a tough gig in the best of times — and in the midst of a global health catastrophe, the risk of burnout is even higher. Field Team 6 has partnered with Northridge Indivisible to co-sponsor “The Power of Impermanence,” a virtual workshop specifically designed to help political organizers manage stress and exhaustion by developing mindfulness and other self-care skills. Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Facilitator Brian Shiers of UCLA and Aligned Mind @Work will lead two Zoom workshop sessions on Saturday, May 30 from 10:30a-12p PDT and 1:30-3p PDT.

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot with a $10 (suggested) donation to Indivisible Northridge. Space is limited, so sign up today!


Let GA Democrats know they can vote by mail! 
Thursday 5/14, 6-8p EDT – RSVP

Sign up registered Democrats to vote by mail!
Friday 5/15, 4:30-6p EDT – RSVP
Tuesday 5/19, 4:30-6p EDT – RSVP
Friday 5/22, 4:30-6p EDT – RSVP
Saturday 5/23, 4-6p EDT – RSVP

York County
Any time! – RSVP

Centre County
Any time! – RSVP

House District 178
Tuesday 5/21, 5-7p EDT – RSVP

House District 18
Saturday 5/16, 4-6p EDT – RSVP

Urge Houston Dems to sign up to vote by mail!
Thursday 5/14 and 5/21, 5-7p CDT – RSVP

Register AZ Dems for mail-in ballots!
Sunday 5/24, 2:30-5p – RSVP
Sunday 5/31, 2:30-5p – RSVP

Register FL Dems to vote by mail! 
Every day, 10a-6p EDT – RSVP
Saturdays, 1-4p EDT – RSVP

Call Seniors 
Every day, 10a-4p EDT – RSVP

Citrus County
Every day, 10a-8p EDT – RSVP

Santa Rosa County
Tuesday 5/26, 1-3p EDT – RSVP
Saturday 5/30, 10a-1p, 1-4p, 4-7p EDT – RSVP
Sunday 5/31, 10a-1p, 1-4p, 4-7p EDT – RSVP
Any time! – RSVP

Walton County
Any time! – RSVP

Escambia County
Any time! – RSVP

Orange County – Spanish Speaking
Any time! – RSVP

Pasco County
Any time! – RSVP

Brevard County
Any time! – RSVP

Broward County
Saturday 5/30, 10-10:30a, 1-1:30p, 4-4:30p – RSVP
Sunday 5/31, 10-10:30a, 1-1:30p, 4-4:30p – RSVP

Scrappy Saturday 
Saturdays, 12-4p EDT – RSVP

FL Phone Bank Training (not mandatory but helpful)
Saturday 5/30, 10a-1p, 1-3p, 4-7p EDT – RSVP
Saturday 5/30, 10-10:30a, 1-1:30p, 4-4:30p EDT – RSVP
Saturdays, 2-3p EDT – RSVP
Any time! – RSVP

Hit the ground running as soon as the Covid-19 crisis ends! Learn to register Democrats, in person, the Field Team 6 way. Everything you need to get out there and register Democrats where it matters most – as soon as we safely can!

ARIZONA – Thu 5/28, 7-8p Mountain – RSVP

CALIFORNIA – Wed 5/20, 7-8p Pacific – RSVP

COLORADO – Tue 5/19, 7-8p Mountain – RSVP

FLORIDA – Wed 6/17, 7:30-8:30p Eastern – RSVP

GEORGIA – Thu 5/21, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

IOWA – Mon 5/18, 7-8p Central – RSVP

MAINE – Thu 5/14, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

MICHIGAN – Mon 5/25, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

NORTH CAROLINA – Tue 5/26, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

PENNSYLVANIA – Thu 5/28, 7-8p Eastern – RSVP

WISCONSIN – Wed 5/27, 7-8p Central – RSVP

LEARN TO LEAD YOUR OWN VOTER DRIVE – As soon as it’s safe again (and we’re hoping for August/September), you’ll be able to get out there and register hordes of new Democrats to save the world.

Sat 5/16, 11-12:30p Pacific / 2-3:30p Eastern – RSVP


Are you a master of social media? Field Team 6 needs your help spreading the good word, and getting swing state Democrats registered on every platform there is! Please contact us here!


Our fantastic partners at the Grassroots Democratic HQWestside Democratic HQ, & Civic Sundayscan help you call from home for crucial races in Arizona and other key states!

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Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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