Graham Defends SC Paying for Trump’s Vanity Wall—Challenger Harrison Says No!

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It appears that nearly $11 million that was designated to rebuild a needed South Carolina fire station has been raided to pay for Trump’s vanity wall. Remember when Trump bragged that Mexico was going to pay for his wall?

According to an April 27th memo obtained by McClatchy, some of Trump’s vanity wall money was raided from South Carolina’s fire station fund (Pentagon restores some, but not all, base funds diverted for border wall).

In the memo, Defense Secretary Esper tells the Pentagon to restore $545.5 million to the various 22 domestic military base construction projects—including the much-needed South Carolina fire station.

Reportedly, all of these military base construction projects were placed on hold last fall. Moreover, nearly $11 million dollars raided for Trump’s wall came from funds that were supposed to rebuild the fire station at Laurel Bay and were ultimately never restored.

Laurel Bay is a community that houses the families of service members who are stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort (MCAS Beaufort).

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Trump Toady, reportedly blamed Democrats for the raid because they refused to fund Trump’s wall. Reminder: this is the wall that Trump bragged over and over that Mexico was going to pay for.

South Carolina Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison posted on Twitter this week: “Now, the folks at MCAS Beaufort lose $11 million for a desperately needed fire station. Shameful. When I’m elected, I’ll always put SC first.”

While Lindsey Graham has been busy playing golf with Trump, Democrat Jaime Harrison has been rising in the polls.

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