43 Wisconsin Republicans just BEGGED Mitch McConnell to bankrupt their state, too

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For weeks, Mitch McConnell has single-handedly blocked any additional federal aid to keep state and local governments solvent during the global health crisis – telling anyone who’d listen that he’d rather BANKRUPT states than lend a helping hand.

Now, not only is Donald Trump publicly joining McConnell’s position, but so are state Republicans themselves.

43 Wisconsin GOP state legislators just signed a letter urging House and Senate Republicans to “reject” federal aid for states like theirs – preferring to risk letting their state’s schools, roads, hospitals, and first responders go under because of this crisis.

Trump, McConnell, and these 43 Wisconsin Republicans had no problem spending trillions of tax dollars to keep the richest people and corporations in America afloat. But now that our most vital state services are threatened, they’d rather twiddle their thumbs and let it all collapse.

Mitch McConnell wants states to go bankrupt

Just like McConnell’s own comments, the worst part about this letter is the reason WHY so many Wisconsin Republicans signed on to hang their own state out to dry:

The letter specifically cited the “overly generous pension” enjoyed by many first responders and other state and local employees around the country – pensions they’re earning right now as they put their lives on the line fighting to contain this virus.

McConnell suggested that bankruptcy would give GOP lawmakers a once-in-a-generation chance to wipe out those retirement benefits, and now like moths to the flame, state Republicans are jumping at the chance to stab hundreds of thousands of working people in the back.

We cannot let this happen without a fight. Pitch in $10 right now to hold every single Republican legislator in America accountable for backing McConnell’s bankruptcy scheme >>

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