Covidiots 2 “The Idiocy Continues” (Heartland Mama’s podcast)

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The Heartland Mamas Discuss the Idiocy that surrounds us during the time of a world wide pandemic. 
1, 042,118 people infected with COVID-19 
55,481 people are dead in just 4 months. 

Yet People like Darrin Bailey – Illinois 109th District, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Speaker of the Florida House Jose’ Oliva, Rick DeSantis of Florida, Illinois 68th Representative John Cabello, and Illinois State Senator Jason Plummer Dist 54 Which all represent serious hot spots in the nation all have just 2 things in common. 1) They are all republicans 2) they all want the end measures that would reduce the spread of COVID-19  In fact they advocate for reckless and wanton behavior that will result in more spread of this virus and certainly more deaths. 

Republicans have been banging the drums on the right to life issues for votes and money for decades seem to forget that people already born deserve to live as well. They only offer a death sentence and sickness to America’s workforce. 

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