The Postal Service is keeping our democracy alive

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Trump is making good on his threat to destroy the people’s postal service.

Officials are declaring that without emergency funding, post offices across the country could be forced to shut down “as early as June.”

But according to The Hill, Donald Trump has threatened to veto any legislation that includes funding for the U.S. Postal Service – including vitally-needed stimulus measures – even if it means sending the American economy down in flames.

And in the latest rescue package, Republicans caved in to Trump’s demand – giving the agency zero dollars in new funding.

Millions of Americans are counting on their neighborhood postal workers to deliver lifesaving medicine and mail straight to their house. Unless we want to see Trump’s demolition of the USPS succeed, we must speak out now.

We need Americans across the country to stand up and DEMAND Trump and congressional Republicans fully fund the U.S. Postal Service. Sign on now before it’s too late >

On a given day, USPS workers process 472 MILLION pieces of mail. And throughout this health crisis, postal workers are stepping up and risking their own lives to deliver necessities – prescription refills, grocery items, absentee ballots – straight to Americans’ doorsteps.

The fight to fund the USPS is more vital than ever: As more states expand their vote-by-mail elections, postal service workers are risking their lives to keep our democracy afloat. We must have their back.

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