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Contact all Federal Members of Congress(includes contact info and links to social media)
Fax legislators for free:Reps:
Or use Resistbot:
Purchase stamps, postcards, and other mailing supplies:
Or use StampsLicked to have messages hand-delivered to our own legislators:
White House contact:

DEMAND REINSTATEMENT OF WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) FUNDING: Trump’s cut to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the middle of a virus pandemic, allegedly because it did not press China to be more forthcoming about the initial virus spread, is dangerous and ill-sighted. It has been met with outcry by a number of world leaders, and House Congressional leaders are claiming that once again, as in the Ukraine fiasco, Trump has broken the law by allocating money to reflect his own personal priorities, and going against the power of Congress to control appropriations. Let’s ask our MoCs to censure Trump for this action and intervene quickly to make sure that WHO gets the money they need to help control the pandemic. Any issues regarding WHO’s performance in China can be reviewed and assessed after the crisis has passed. The health of our country and the world depends on this. 

SUPPORT SENATE BILL TO RELEASE ICE DETAINEES AND ASK GOVERNORS TO USE EMERGENCY POWERS TO LET THEM OUT OF CUSTODY:  Senator Cory Booker, (D-NJ) has introduced S. 3579, The Emergency Community Supervision Actto release ICE detainees who do not pose a public safety or flight risk. A huge number of detainees are people who are simply waiting for disposition of their asylum claims or orders of deportation, and while some have been released, many are still unnecessarily behind bars. They are not criminals and they should not be in a place where their health is threatened due to lack of sanitation and social distancing. ICE detainees in New Jersey have found conditions so bad that they have gone on hunger and work strikes to protest the situation.’s ask our Senator to co-sponsor this important bill. (Right now only Senator Kamala Harris has signed on as a sponsor.) Let’s also remind our governorsthat this is a public health emergency and ask them to use their emergency powers to release ICE detainees during this health crisis. 

SAVE THE POSTAL SERVICE: The US Postal Service is one of many organizations that has suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, and while Trump seems to have no problem bailing out for-profit airlines, he has threatened to veto any legislation that includes USPS funding. he’s worried about the increasing number of people calling to institute widespread vote-by-mail for 2020, which can’t happen if the US Postal Service is bankrupt. Let’s log on to USPS.comand buy some stamps, and encourage our friends to do likewise. And then let’s tell our MoCs to appropriate funding to save the US Postal Service and to support S 3529, the Natural Disaster Emergency Ballot Act of 2020, which would ensure that residents of all states have the option of early and mail-in voting. 

HEALTHCARE REWORKING:  It is becoming clearer to so many that healthcare is a right, not a privilege and having it tied to employment is troublesome at best.  This pandemic is also showing us that for-profit healthcare is not serving people well, only corporate wins.  “Many states across the US have stopped elective medical procedures as part of emergency shutdowns to curb the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, hospitals and medical clinics are implementing layoffs, furloughs and cuts to salaries and work schedules in response to declines in revenue.”’s tell our MoCs that it is long past time to revamp our healthcare system so that it works for all of us.

NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH SEEKING VOLUNTEERS:  “The National Institutes of Health have started recruiting for a new study that aims to determine how many adults in the U.S. who have not had a confirmed infection with SARS-CoV-2 carry antibodies to the virus, indicating that they were previously infected.”  They are seeking healthy adults over the age of 18 from across the US who have no confirmed history of COVID-19 and have no current symptoms.  We can learn more and sign up here: 

REMOTE VOTING:  The Supreme Court is back up and running again, conducting oral arguments by phone.  With two out of three branches finding a way to resume relatively normal operations during this pandemic, the pressure is rising on the House and Senate to do so as well. Let’s do our part by calling our MoCs and telling them to support rule changes to allow remote voting in Congress.

CONFIRMATION OF JUDGES:  Senate Republicans have temporarily paused their efforts to confirm extreme conservative judges in the face of coronavirus, but Mitch McConnell has vowed it will still be a top priority even amidst the pandemic. There’s already talk of speeding through consideration of nominees in May to “catch up”. Let’s make sure our senators know we want them to insist on strict scrutiny of any nominee for a lifetime appointment, no matter what else is happening, and do everything in their power to stop the hijacking of our courts.

TRUMP DECLARES HIS AUTHORITY TO BE TOTAL: In a quite unhinged press conference/COVID-19 update on Monday, President Trump declared that his authority as POTUS is “total”: Let’s contact our MoC to state with clarity that the president’s authority is far from total and that we need them to take action against his rising and unsteady dictatorial stance.

CALL OUR REPS TO IMPLEMENT US OF CARE POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS: As our world has changed so drastically, we must look for best next steps for us to move forward safely, responsibly, with the welfare of all in mind. The United States of Care’s latest policy recommendations start with what Americans want to make it through this crisis successfully: information to stay healthy, a well-resourced health care system, dependable support and protection for those most at-risk. A path to safety starts with accurate information, resources and recommendations, comprehensive testing and the ability to contain new outbreaks. We need transparent reporting of the virus, who it impacts, and the status of therapies, immunizations, and vaccines. Resources for the health care system include expanded payment to front line health care workers, full PPE for them, funding mental health, social services, primary care, community health centers, accessible telemedicine and resources for non-COVID care. Health and financial support for all Americans includes: Incentives for Medicaid expansion, ACA enrollment access with higher subsidies, grace periodsand COVID-19 costs covered. Care for the most at risk includes: community grants, addressing the needs of people w disabilities, those in the nursing homes, the Justice  system, and ensuring a safety net for the homeless. We can learn more about the latest United States of Care policy recommendations, then ask our Representatives to advocate and implement the ones we support in the next stimulus bill and beyond:

ENGAGING MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN ACTIVISM: If we are looking for ways our middle and high school students can develop their activist abilities while quarantined and beyond, we can check out The EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Challenge 2020 weekly Zoom sessions. They’re discussing Global Challenge and Online Volunteering Opportunities for middle and high school students. Sessions are held on Tuesdays from 4:00PM – 5:00PM EST. We register here for the discussion to learn more about online student volunteering opportunities for middle and high school students, and the EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Challenge where they can research and design solutions to global problems:

DEMAND CAPTIVE CHILDREN BE RELEASED TO THEIR FAMILIES: As COVID-19 spreads through the children in camps all over the country (for example,, doctors and lawyers and attorneys have been arguing for their immediate release. Last year, over 80% of them had identified family in the US, yet the Trump Administration has resisted letting them go. The time to act is now. We can write Letters to the Editor, Op Ed pieces and call our Representatives to demand these children be immediately released to their families.

PUSH COLLEGES TO GET THEIR STUDENTS REGISTERED TO VOTE: Together for 2020, a collaboration of Massachusetts progressive groups, has a campaign called Ask Your College. Whether we are students, parents, alumni/ae, or faculty or staff members, when we sign up, we will receive an action kit to help us push our colleges to get their students registered to vote. Let’s get started:

MAKE A MASK FOR SPREAD THE VOTE: In an email blast this week, Spread the Vote spread the good news that Virginia has repealed its voter ID law, and also asked for help obtaining non-medical masks for its volunteers and partners. If we’re making masks and want to provide some to Spread the Vote, let’s email .


HOW TO VOTE BY MAIL IN EVERY SINGLE STATE:  Voting my mail is becoming more of a necessity.  Let’s check our own states and see what we have to do:

WISCONSIN: JUDGE JILL WINS! Liberal Wisconsin state Supreme Court challenger Jill Karofsky defeated conservative Justice Daniel Kelly in the biggest battle of Wisconsin’s April 7 elections. We can read more at Politico.  Postcards to Voters’ volunteers wrote to Wisconsin voters to help get out the vote for Judge Jill with Campaign 197.  We can check out all of Wisconsin’s election results at WISNThank you to everyone who helped Judge Jill win this 10-year state supreme court seat and to Wisconsin voters who made voting a priority.

VIRGINIA ROCKS THE VOTE! Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signs a series of legislation so Virginia will no longer require voters to show a photo ID prior to casting a ballot and the state will join a handful of states across the nation in making Election Day a state holiday. We can read more about this legislation at The Hill. We can send “thank you’s” to: Governor Ralph Northam, PO Box 1475, Richmond VA 23218. 

SUPPORT THE POST OFFICE: The United States Postal Service (USPS) is having solvency issues and the current administration is unwilling to pass legislation to help save it. We can read more at ABCNews. Over the past week, people have been expressing an outpouring of support for the USPS by purchasing extra stamps. (source: Simplemost). Rogan’s List has noted that the site has been running slowly and the site says to allow for an extra few days of delivery because of the increased demand. Let’s purchase a sheet of 20 stamps for $11 today to show our support for the USPS. #SaveUSPS. 


MI: EQUAL RIGHTS FOR LGBTQ CITIZENS:  From one of our own:  Now that petitions in Michigan can be done electronically, I urge my fellow Michiganders to sign this to support amending Michigan’s Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ citizens. We do not have equal protections at this time. Help pass Michigan’s first #LGBTQ equal rights law and sign our citizens’ petition online! The process is easy, secure and takes about 3 minutes:


WHEN WE ALL VOTE COUCH RALLY:  When We All Vote had such success with their first Voter Registration Couch Party that they’re doing another one! This one is Mon, Apr 20, 7:15pm–8:00pm EDT.  This time they will focus on teaching us to reach out to our own personal networks through “friend-to-friend” texting about registering to vote and voting by mail.  RSVP now for When We All Vote’s Couch Party  (h/t Chop Wood Carry Water)

VIRTUAL TOWN HALLS:  Join the amazing new group Declaration for American Democracy and their coalition of 150 member organizations for a series of virtual town halls to find out how you can help protect our vote and defend our democracy in November. The first one is Monday night. Special guests will include–ahem–Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Ron Wyden, and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). WOW!  Sign up for this or one of their many future Town Halls here.  (h/t Chop Wood Carry Water)


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We can stay up to date on Congress by checking out their schedules. a) The House publishes a weekly schedule at The Weekly Leader (published and dated Friday) as well as daily schedules at The Daily Leader. b) The Senate updates their schedule daily at the Senate Floor Schedule

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