Saving lives will save the economy

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This week we launched our “Stay Home and Vote” campaign to urge registered Ohio voters who haven’t cast a ballot yet in the primary election to request an absentee ballot now.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion about voting by mail and the April 28 deadline. We need your help to spread the word — can you share this video now?


Our Voter Protection Team is standing by to help voters with questions about the process. Please call 1-833-DEM-VOTE for assistance.


This is a tough moment for our state. Many Ohioans have lost their jobs in the past two weeks, and many essential workers are feeling anxious about their health and their families’ safety. The Ohio Democratic Party will continue to provide information to help our friends and supporters at this difficult time. For workers facing unemployment or impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the AFL-CIO has compiled resources at


Stay safe and healthy,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party


Saving Lives Will Save The Economy

This week the Clermont Sun published an op-ed from Chairman David Pepper on how chaotic Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has been — and how the pandemic has exposed the underlying weakness of our economy.

From the op-ed:

“Trump and too many others’ response to the coronavirus was to dismiss it — all while some of them were busy adjusting their stock portfolios. We lost precious weeks to prepare, even though GOP leaders in Washington knew it was going to be bad. This is just one more example of how the wealthy and well-connected game the system to their advantage, and too many Americans are stuck with only bad options — go to work if you’re sick because you don’t have paid leave or stay at home and lose your income.

“Starting right now and moving forward, we need paid sick and family leave for all workers. If we’re going to consider the workers who stock our shelves and clean our offices to be essential — and they are — then those workers deserve the right to paid leave. We also need more protections to ensure workplaces are safe. Even now, some workers in Ohio are being forced to endure unsafe conditions, with state leaders telling them it’s on them to inform their local health department. And one plain reality is that making it easier for workers to organize would go a long way toward improving wages, workplace safety and benefits.

“Another thing that has been made crystal clear during the coronavirus pandemic is that Donald Trump doesn’t care about working people, only how their sacrifices can boost the stock market and prop up his re-election prospects. Nurses and doctors are going to work with bandanas and homemade masks to protect them from infection, and Trump’s response is to blame governors and local leaders. If we somehow manage to get out of this crisis, we can rebuild our economy — but not if Trump gets four more years in the White House.”



Ohio Dems Continue to Campaign … Virtually

In response to the coronavirus crisis and Gov. Mike DeWine’s “stay at home” order, the Ohio Democratic Party has transitioned its campaign efforts to a completely online operation, holding virtual cross-country fundraisers, training hundreds of volunteers through webinars and reaching hundreds of thousands of voters with digital ads.



Hundreds of fired-up activists and volunteers have already signed up for one of our online trainings, and we’re holding two more sessions next week:

If you’d like to set up an online training with your local Democratic club or progressive club, reply to this email.

Here are a few more virtual events:

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