Our hospitals and health care workers are being pushed to the brink — and Trump is refusing to take any responsibility

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I hope all are staying safe in this difficult time.

A quick update on the primary: a bill was passed this week and signed by Gov. Mike DeWine today extending the deadline for voting by mail until Tuesday, April 28.

All votes cast before March 17 have been secured and will be counted on April 28.

If you haven’t voted in the primary yet, you can now cast a ballot by mail, postmarked up until April 27, or drop your completed ballot off at your board of elections up to April 28. Limited in-person voting will be available for those with disabilities or without reliable mail service.

Our Voter Protection Team and other departments are launching a wide and continual voter education campaign to inform voters on how they can exercise their right to vote in the primary, and we look forward to partnering with as many groups as possible in doing so.

All information needed to cast a ballot is also available here.

Thank you for your support and engagement at this challenging moment. We need all hands on deck to turn Ohio blue this year, and we are shifting the campaign so we can take action from home. To be involved you can sign up for a digital training with our team or sign up to become a part of the Truth Team, our online grassroots army.

In solidarity,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party


Trump’s Failure to Deal with the Coronavirus Crisis

This Monday was the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, and Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper penned an op-ed for the Delaware Gazette discussing how the health care law has benefited Ohio — and how Donald Trump’s attacks on the ACA have harmed public health and our preparedness for the coronavirus outbreak.


Trump’s failed leadership and mismanagement of the coronavirus outbreak has endangered Americans and significantly worsened a severe public health crisis. Every day he continues his failed response by refusing to take any responsibility, blaming and attacking others, contradicting experts and his own administration, repeating falsehoods and downplaying the severity of the crisis.


Trump is keeping needed supplies out of hospitals stretched to the brink — the government has 1.5 million masks sitting in Indiana they won’t deploy, and Trump made a deal to get 80,000 more ventilators before backing out because he’s too cheap.


Ohio Lawmakers Pass Coronavirus Response Package

State lawmakers returned to the Statehouse this week to address the coronavirus crisis and provide immediate relief to everyday Ohioans.


“In times of crisis, our state has looked to its General Assembly to lead and respond to critical needs of working people and families in our state; House Democrats were happy to answer that call today and pass a sweeping, bipartisan bill that will be the first of many steps to restore normalcy and regain control of this public health crisis and the economic destruction it is leaving behind,” said Ohio House Democratic Leader Emilia Sykes. “While we know that not everything we wanted addressed was taken care of in this one bill, this is a good start to ensure our government continues to work for the people, especially during this crisis.” Many of the provisions passed in this bill address issues Democratic legislators have long fought for to support working people and families; protect the health, safety and security of Ohioans; equip children with the tools they need to succeed; and ensure our government works for the people, not against them.


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