Join David Pepper on Today’s Friday Power Lunch

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Friday Power Lunch


Democrats & Democracy

12/9/2022, NOON ET


If this midterm election has taught us anything, it is that words and deeds matter. This week, we are pleased to feature two guests who know a thing or two about this topic.

David Pepper, Former chair of the Ohio Democratic Party and author of the must read “Laboratories of Autocracy”, will talk to us about 1) the results of the Midterm elections and what it means, 2) The independent state legislation theory being argued before the Supreme Court this week, and 3) what lessons we can learn from the midterms to help Virginia in 2023. Watch David Pepper’s recent whiteboard and please share.

Communication strategist and writer, Antonia Scatton, will talk to us about how we need to stop waiting for some mythical messaging guru to drop down from above and realize that we are the messengers. She will share with us how we can take important issues in our communities and move from looking at it in terms of policy to reframing it so that you can have a conversation about the topic that makes sense. Antonia will share how to do this from point of empathy and making our messages positive. Negative messaging ultimately doesn’t work. The anecdote to negativity is to provide a positive image. Let’s push back on the negativity, because the anecdote to negativity is to provide a positive image/message.


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