GOP threatening to suppress Democratic turnout

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Democrats are fighting in the reddest of states to hold the GOP accountable – and the stakes just got even higher.

Right now, Kentucky Republicans are jamming through a strict voter ID that could suppress Democratic turnout up and down the ticket. And after passing their respective committees, this proposal could be one floor vote away from being enacted.

If this bill is implemented, the GOP could achieve their goal of silencing THOUSANDS of Democratic voters right before Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are up for election.

Here’s our first chance to respond: Tomorrow night, two red-leaning seats are up for grabs in Mitch McConnell’s backyard. If we want any chance of ensuring Democratic voices aren’t silenced for another generation, we need to act quickly.

Kentucky Republicans called this bill one of their top priorities for this session, and it’s pretty clear why.

Last November, Democrat Andy Beshear stunned the nation when he flipped the governor’s mansion by 0.4% – that’s less than 43 votes per county. Had this bill been in place during that election, it could have barred nearly 40,000 people from voting.

With voters heading to the polls in 24 hours, this is our final opportunity to fight back.

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