Judge Jennifer Brunner’s Ohio Supreme Court Campaign Launches Grassroots Project: “Justice For The People”

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Former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, now a Columbus appellate judge and 2020 candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court, has launched a grassroots project to bring Ohioans together.  This unique campaign initiative seeks from Ohioans contributions of ideas, stories and mementos about Ohio, along with the participation of volunteer artists, including Judge Brunner, herself, to assemble these items from Ohioans into works of art, holding regional exhibitions that will also serve as organizing events. 

Brunner’s email and website begins the description of the project with a quote from the judge: 

“Justice begins with each of us. When we seek justice, we must first examine our minds and our hearts. Justice involves lifting up our shared hopes, history and heritage, respecting one another amidst our great diversity–and tolerance rooted in love. The result always will be greater than the sum of its parts. One of the greatest joys of public services is when this magic happens.” 

Each completed artwork will be featured on the campaign’s website.  By bringing Ohioans together the campaign hopes to inspire and engage with volunteers to build widespread support across Ohio in her bid for Ohio Supreme Court. Judge Brunner said, “It’s good to find ways to bring people together, especially these days. Ohio is a great state and the best is yet to come.  When we honor and raise up our people, we make Ohio better and create great hope for our shared future.”

To read more about the program please click here. 

Judge Jennifer Brunner serves as one of 8 state appeals court judges of the Tenth District Court of Appeals located in Franklin County, Ohio; she previously served in elective office as a Common Pleas Judge (2000-2005) and Ohio Secretary of State (2007-2011). 

In 2008 Brunner received the bipartisan John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, the nation’s most prestigious award for elected public servants, for what Caroline Kennedy called, “her dauntless commitment to the enfranchisement of every Ohio voter” while serving as Ohio’s Secretary of State.

In 2010, Judge Brunner was a candidate for the United States Senate. Previously, she was a principal at Brunner Quinn just prior to being elected to her current judicial position in 2014 and reelected without opposition in 2016. Having founded her law firm in 1988, Judge Brunner holds 17 years private law practice experience as well as state government experience in the Ohio Senate and the Secretary of State’s office as a staff attorney.

Judge Brunner has assisted foreign governments with rule of law and self-governance matters, including anti-corruption and judicial reform consulting in the Republic of Serbia, election observation in the Arab Republic of Egypt and providing legal training in the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Judge Brunner has been married since 1978 to attorney Rick Brunner, who grew up in Columbiana County in Northeast Ohio.  They have three adult children and five grandchildren. Born in Springfield, Ohio, she spent her formative and adult years in Columbus, Ohio, graduating from Columbus public schools, from college at Miami University of Ohio, cum laude, and from law school at Capital University Law School with honors.

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Ohio Appellate Judge; Former Ohio Secretary of State; Retired Franklin County Common Pleas Judge; JFK Profile in Courage Award winner; art lover

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