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No, you don’t have your calendar mixed up: we’re sending our usual Thursday newsletter early this week because this action can’t wait.

The Senate may vote before the end of this week on whether witnesses will be allowed in the impeachment trial. And if that vote fails, the Senate could vote to acquit right then. That means that you, and everyone you know, have to call your Senators NOW and demand the Senate hold a fair and open impeachment trial with relevant witnesses and documents. Operators are standing by; we wish we could offer BOGO on this deal, but we have something you can’t afford to lose — Democracy!

Our article has ways you can call, and get others to call, and what to say, and more. Because ​right matters. And truth matters. And truth requires witnesses. Don’t wait  CALL NOW!

Join IEB to talk policy with our Senators’ staffs

Visiting our Members of Congress’ staff to talk legislation and policy? That’s one of IEB’s superpowers! Please join us. No cape or tights needed, just sign up:

  • Our next visit to Sen. Harris’s San Francisco office will be at noon on Thursday, Feb. 6. Please use this form to join us.
  • Our next visit to Sen. Feinstein’s SF office will be at noon on Monday, Feb. 10. Please sign up here.

State and Local News

Now We Are Three!

Our January All Members Meeting / anniversary cake-abration rocked! Stay tuned for our article with details and photos. If you missed it, or even if you didn’t, you’ll want to mark your calendars for the February 23 meeting, 1 to 3 PM, at Sports Basement, Berkeley. More info & sign up here!

Reclaim Our Vote’s Founder to speak in East Bay

Join Reclaim Our Vote founder Andrea Miller in Dublin or Berkeley for a rundown of ROV’s ’19 successes and how we can help swing states in ’20. Your purchase of tickets supports ROV’s work, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds (see each RSVP page for details). In Dublin on Thurs. Jan. 30, or in Berkeley on Tues. Feb. 4. All info, and donate or get tickets for Dublin here, or for Berkeley here,

Your donations to IEB support our actions against the Evil Empire but do not go to candidate-related events.

Upcoming Events


  • Jan. 29, 11 AM-1 PM: Join a phone bank to call voters in key senators’ states, to demand a fair impeachment trial. In Oakland. Info & RSVP here.
  • Feb. 4, 6-8 PM: Reclaim Our Vote fundraiser, with ROV founder Andrea Miller. In Berkeley. Info & RSVP
  • Feb. 6, noon: Senator Harris office visit, San Francisco. Sign up here.
  • Feb. 9, 1-4 PM: Phonebanking for AZ, in El Cerrito (private home near Del Norte BART). Info & RSVP.
  • Feb. 10, noon: Senator Feinstein office visit, San Francisco. Sign up here.
  • Feb. 23, 1-3 PM: All Members Meeting at Sports Basement, Berkeley. Info & RSVP.

OTHER EVENTS (see section below for links to election activities & events):

IEB doesnt necessarily endorse the groups, events, or candidates included here. Submit calendar events to

  • Indivisible National’s live-streamed interviews with 2020 Democratic candidates: watch recordings at this link. More info here.
  • EVERY TUESDAY, 4:30-5:30 PM: Resistance Rally by Grand Lake Theater, Oakland
  • EVERY THURSDAY, 5-6 PM: Table with Indivisible Resistance Action East Bay at Rockridge BART
  • Jan. 30, 7-8:30 PM: Reclaim Our Vote Info Session & Fundraiser, with Andrea Miller. In Dublin. Info & register
  • Jan. 31: Deadline for open enrollment in a Covered California health plan that begins Feb. 1, 2020. Note, deadline may not apply if you have a specific qualifying event – FAQs here.

Election Activities & Events!

Check out phone & text banks, and much more, hosted by these great groups IEB works with:

We Could Not Make This Up

This week’s must-watch administration entertainment — a bold new mashup of Fahrenheit 451 Meets The Godfather. Because censorship is always topical, the State Department banned NPR from traveling to Europe with Mike Pompeo after reporter Michele Kelemen asked a question that made Pompeo mad. Now Donny Scissorshands-in-Chief is agreeing we should deep six NPR because it’s a “big-government, Democrat Party propaganda operation.” But of course always keep your eye on Don Don (President Corleone) when he says things like ”Get rid of her… Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out.” Oops. Looks like we just quoted NPR, there. Been nice knowing you all.

Contact Us!

Fired up to do more? Give us a shout!

IEB uses Slack, a chat system for talking about important issues, planning events, and team discussions. Want an invite to join Slack? Please drop us a line at Already on Slack? Feel free to contact our team leads: 

  • CA Senators: @ameliacass, @linh
  • CA-11, Rep. DeSaulnier: @Kristen L, @Ted Lam
  • CA-13, Rep. Lee: @linh
  • CA-15, Rep. Swalwell: @ward
  • Newsletter: @anngdan, @heidirand
  • Volunteers: @andrea

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Indivisible East Bay is a chapter of the Indivisible movement. We are a grassroots organization focused on stopping the Trump administration’s policies.

We cover the East Bay Area, spanning California’s 11th, 13th, and 15th congressional districts. In addition to IndivisibleEB, there are a number of other Indivisible groups covering specifics cities, countries, and even neighborhood. Whenever possible, we try to work together in order to build a coalition of like-minded activists resisting the Trump agenda.

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