Trump broke his promises to Ohio — and now he’s lying about it.

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During his Toledo rally last night, Donald Trump claimed that Ohio had its “best year economically” — but that was a bald-faced lie. Here is the truth: Since January 2019, Ohio has lost more than 4,000 jobs. Trump also lied about bringing “a lot of car companies into Ohio” — which must be news to the laid-off workers of GM Lordstown.


Ahead of his speech, Ohio Democrats held a news conference to call out Trump’s broken promises.

From the Toledo Blade:

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper said there was only one reason for the president to visit Ohio so much during his last campaign and come back to the state to kick off his 2020 campaign.

“Our state is in play,” he said.

Mr. Pepper was part of a group of Democratic leaders, candidates for office, and local stakeholders who came together mid-morning Thursday for a news conference to highlight what he calls President Trump’s broken promises and failed policies.

Jobs — specifically in manufacturing and agriculture — education, healthcare, and trade have all been negatively affected by the president’s policies, Mr. Pepper said, and Ohioans specifically have been forced to bear the consequences.

State Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D., Toledo) said medical costs for many families have gone up despite President Trump’s promise to lower healthcare prices. Thousands of Ohioans — including children — have also lost access to health insurance, she said.

Sheena Barnes, Toledo Public Schools board member, emphasized the debt that many graduates are under and how that’s stagnating the progress they could be making.

“Ohio graduates can’t focus on the future if they can’t pay for it,” she said.


Ready … Set … Caucus!

This week thousands of Ohio Democrats participated in 16 caucuses across the state to elect district-level delegates for the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. This year more than 3,000 Ohioans applied to run for delegate — shattering the previous record of 800 in 2016.

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The results of Ohio’s presidential primary on March 17 will determine the number of delegates each presidential candidate is allocated in each congressional district and statewide.

Ohio will have a total of 153 convention delegates and 11 alternates, evenly divided between men and women, with diversity goals for African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, veterans and young people (age 18-36).

Congrats to everyone who won the opportunity to attend the convention as a delegate!

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