No One is Above the Law Rally, Traverse City, Michigan

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Photo provided by the author. Crowd extended way over to the other side of the front steps.

On Tuesday evening, December 17th, 2019, the local chapter of Indivisible Traverse City, Michigan, co-chaired by myself, Linda Pepper and Gretchen Iorio, hosted a “No One is Above the Law” rally.  On a cold winter night on the eve of this sad, but historic moment in America’s history, it seemed fitting that we gathered in Traverse City on the lawn of the great, old Historic County Courthouse.  We estimate that well over 200 people attended.

What we said:

“Since taking office, Donald Trump has broken the law, obstructed congress, and abused the power of the Presidency, and Republicans have refused to hold him accountable. If our Representatives won’t hold the President accountable, then the American people will. 

Trump used military aide to pressure a foreign country to interfere in our elections and then tried to cover it up.  That is why we are rallying to let our elected officials know that for those reasons, Trump must be impeached and removed from office.”  

We believe that we are part of something much larger than this rally.  Over 600 events like this were held all across the United States that included hundreds of thousands of people.  We are part of something big.  I personally believe that something shifted in American’s consciousness Tuesday night. Going forward we will be thoroughly committed to removing Trump from office in 2020, and ALL entrenched Republican office holders who are working to enable and cover up for him.

Call to Action:

For that reason, we ask our fellow Indivisibles, Democrats, Progressives, and any moderate Republican or Independent who supports impeachment and removal to do the following:

  1. Call your Senators and tell them to vote for removal.
  2. Follow up with an email.
  3. Write Forum pieces and LTE’s to your local newspapers urging all elected officials up and down the board, to vote to support and protect our Constitution and American way of life, for our Democracy is literally at risk at this very moment here in the United States.

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