America stood in the cold to affirm that we still believe in the rule of law, not corrupt would-be kings!

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Photo provided by Indivisible Ventura.

Thank-you post to all who came out on a cold and windy Tuesday night!

  • Thanks to the 400-500 people who joined us last night in front of the Ventura County Government Center, from both our county and from further afield, who chose the sidewalk over their couch and the cold over comfort.
  • Thanks to those who joined over 600 other events across the country to remind our legislators that no one is above the law in America.
  • Thanks to those who wrangled big flags in strong winds and those who patiently held flashlights to illuminate them.
  • Thanks to those who brought cookies and sugary joy.
  • Thanks to that amazing woman who set up the hot cider station!
  • Thanks to those who made signs – artistic signs, simple signs, funny, sad, angry and heartfelt signs, and to those who held light – candles and flashlights.
  • Thanks to those who manned our voter registration table and to all who were already registered and ready to vote.
  • Thanks to the volunteers who held our big “IMPEACH” letters and who transformed themselves into an impromptu, yet impressive drill team.
  • Thanks to those who brought their friends, and to those who made new friends.
  • Thanks to those who always come and to those for whom this night’s rally was their first time.
  • Thanks to the parents who brought their kids to show them what democracy looks like.
  • Thanks to the “kids” who brought their parents, so they too could participate in the joy.
  • Thanks to those who danced and sang with our music and to those who stood in silent support.
  • Thanks to the man who carried music to the far-flung ends of our rally.
  • Thanks to all the veterans who came, wearing clothing and caps showing their service.
  • Thanks to the cars who tapped their horns in support and made us cheer and wave, and the few angry speeders and honkers who made us…cheer and wave.
  • Thanks to the Ventura police who stopped by to make sure everyone was safe.
  • Thanks to those who helped us clean up and leave the area spotless.
  • Thanks that we still live in a country where we can publicly express both a profound love for our country and a demand that it do better.

Keep calling your legislators. They need to hear from you, literally every day! Contacts, scripts and more activities that we need to do to protect democracy here.

What was happening at some of those 600 other events?

Rachel Maddow:

Demcast and Eleven Films:

Originally posted on Indivisible Ventura. Re-posted with permission.

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