When they tell us that we can’t, we remind them that WE CAN

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When you grow up without a lot, people tend to underestimate you. When we fail, nobody notices. When we succeed, nobody cares. But when we get involved in politics – something different happens.

When we build a strong campaign that speaks to us underestimated people — We, the underdogs — suddenly, we hear all the reasons people like us can’t win. And on this campaign, there are a lot of whispers about us:

“You don’t have the resources.”

We’ve raised more money than any challenger candidate ever has up to this point – and we started with zero. I’ve never run for office before, and I didn’t come from a family of political donors.

“You don’t come from a large enough family.”

In fact, we do – but, like most people, we aren’t politically connected. 50% of this district is rural. Our families have never been represented in government here in #NY24. In fact, Democrats can’t win here without us.

“You don’t have the organization.”

We have a full-time staff, committee, & more than 1,200 individual donors already. We have hundreds of volunteers across all 4 counties. And we’ve got the message it takes to win the persuadable voters we need to bring back home.

There are thousands of people in CNY who are chronically left behind by government, year in and year out. Our political system marginalizes these people – we don’t have the loudest voices because we don’t donate thousands of dollars, and we don’t make endorsements.

And so the system works well for those who have access to power. But it’s beyond broken for the rest of us who are just struggling for a better life. And when one of us dares to stand up for something different — they tell us we can’t.

This campaign is ending all that. On this campaign, WE CAN. This campaign stands for all those left behind. Set aside. Pushed out. This campaign is putting an end to the politics of indifference.

Like most of us in CNY, this campaign started from the bottom. And now, we’ve got the money, the organization, the message, and most importantly – the people. And that’s why we’re going to win #NY24.

When they tell us that we can’t, we remind them that WE CAN.

Originally posted on Twitter. Re-posted with permission.

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Roger was raised in Red Creek, NY in Wayne County. He graduated from Red Creek High School and the United States Naval Academy before serving for more than a decade as a naval aviator in combat.

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