Every American Must Fear What Trump Has Done

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I’ve now had the chance to go through the House Impeachment Report. My take thus far is it is a very solid, comprehensive piece of work. Amazing they produced it with this velocity.

Specifically, I’d isolate a few things:

The most important language is in first sentence: the Committee Report details the evidence gathered “THUS FAR.” They are clearly laying down a marker that the investigation continues and that the President is bent on obstructing it/ trying to gag Executive Branch employees from telling the truth.

Neal Katyal’s new book Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump is now available for purchase.

Page 1 then begins exactly where my book IMPEACH does, that our Founders feared a President who would put his personal interests over those of the American people. That’s what Impeachment is all about.

Excerpt from the preface of “The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report

I love how the Report right away centers everything on the memo/partial transcript of the Trump/Zelensky July 25 phone call. That call alone is beyond damning, despite the President’s phantom legal scholars he claimed today who supposedly labeled the call beautiful and perfect.

The Report sets the right tone, saying impeachment isn’t something they seek lightly. But that this is precisely why our Founders put it in the Constitution.

The Report then does a really good job explaining how the President couldn’t say he was unaware of the problems in seeking help from a foreign government in a presidential campaign. It nicely incorporates the 2016 Russian help and explains how Trump was on notice of the dangers here.

Most importantly, the Report explains that Trump has said he’d do it again, asking China for dirt on Biden, too.

It destroys the “wait until the next election” argument. That is waiting for an election the President has tried to cheat in, and said he wants to continue to cheat in.

The Report does a fabulous job of explaining the facts, and points out that there is very little that Trump is even contesting about them. Instead, they just think we should “get over it.”

In what is a devastating section of the Report, a lengthy 100pp analysis of Trump’s obstruction of justice. This is a really fabulous job.

My favorite is pp206-207, where they show that no President in American history has ever done what Trump has done here.

Excerpt from page 206 of “The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report
Excerpt from page 207 of “The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report

These pages are really important. They show Trump has gone way beyond Nixon, and his claims would destroy our constitutional separation of powers.

Even if Republicans are really fine with a President who tries to get help from a foreign government in his reelection, they cannot be fine with this.

If a President can unilaterally say “I’m going to gag witnesses and information from Congress in impeachment proceedings because I feel they are unfair” we are reading these clauses out of the Constitution.

And we are back where we started, at page 1: it would undo the only check on a President who abuses his powers and puts his interests over the American people – impeachment.

Trump got away with obstruction in Mueller because that was criminal, and his guy Barr cleared him.

This is different; it’s a crime against the American people. He doesn’t have an AG to protect him.

Every American must fear what Trump has done. If he can do it, so can President Warren/Sanders.

Originally posted on Twitter. Re-posted with permission.

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