Rogan’s List for February 7, 2023

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Earthquake relief, Afghan refugees, drilling on Alaska’s North Slope, state-specific issues, and more

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

    The earthquake that has devastated Turkiye and Syria will be especially difficult to recover from in those areas already torn by war. The White Helmets, who have saved so many lives in Syria from bombings, are actively engaged in search and rescue. Let’s show them some support and donate to support their efforts.

    With the House under GOP control, the Senate’s priority now is confirming judges. Under Trump, the GOP confirmed 214 federal judges, including three Supreme Court justices, while President Biden has only confirmed 28 federal judges so far. We have seen the damage a far right judiciary can do, and it is time to correct this imbalance. To counter it, Democrats can push for a change in the use of blue slips, which allows one Senator from a state to block a nomination. Currently, Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin is using blue slips strictly, but Democrats can call on him to use them as advisory statements, as President Biden did when he chaired the Judiciary committee. This could stop GOP from blocking qualified judges from serving.  As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dick Durbin is accountable to all of us. We can call the Senate Judiciary Office (202) 224-7703 to tell Senator Durbin to stop letting the GOP use blue slips to block the good judges we need from serving.


  • MI-MO-PA-WI:  GEN Z VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  Gen Z turned out in great force for the midterm election and will remain a voting powerVoters of Tomorrow. a Gen Z-led movement that engages, educates, and represents youth in politics, is looking for Gen Z organizers in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Montana, and Michigan. If we are interested, we are to DM @santiagomayer_on Twitter. 
  • VA: CALLS TO ACTION: Bills are pending in the Virginia legislature that cover everything from public education to guns to climate issues and more. The progressive organization Virginia Grassroots has compiled a list of bills to contact state legislators about. If we’re in Virginia, let’s take a look and get started:



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