WATCH: Sen. Cory Gardner Refuses to Condemn Foreign Election Interference

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This won’t surprise you, but it should.

When asked today whether it was ok for the President to solicit a foreign government to investigate a political rival, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner contorted himself into a human pretzel, deflecting the question entirely and taking aim at Democrats.

Every single Republican in the country needs to get barraged with this same question by the press, by activists, by constituents and on social media. Fundamentally, their stance on the appropriateness of what Trump did is what will decide whether Trump remains in office. This is especially true for vulnerable Senators like Gardner.

Rational humans know that soliciting foreign interference is a high crime. It is an abuse of power. Slippery politicians must be forced to put a stake in the ground on this.

So – media – please keep asking:

“Senator – do you believe that an elected official soliciting a foreign government to investigate a political rival is an abuse of power?”

Make. Them. Answer.

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Nick Knudsen - a political activist and freelance writer living in the Pacific Northwest - is DemCast USA's Executive Director. Nick has worked in the non-profit sector for nearly 20 years as a writer, development officer and program director. He has a BA from Cornell and MA from Stanford, but didn't start learning until he had kids.

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