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Today in East Lansing, MI, freshman Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin addressed a packed crowd of constituents about her recent decision to support an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s activities. The local restaurant was so packed with constituents that the Fire Marshall was called to disperse the excessive number of people from the premises.

The Congresswoman began her Town Hall with a statement about her reasoning for supporting impeachment after previously stating that she was not in favor of it. A traditionally conservative congressional district, Michigan 08, elected Slotkin as a moderate Democrat, a pragmatist, and a voice determined to be more accountable to her voters than her immediate predecessor.

Her reasons were thus:

  • The sitting President asked for ‘dirt’ on a political opponent.
  • The ‘dirt’ was requested from a foreign head of state.
  • The ‘dirt’ was requested to influence an upcoming election.

The Congresswoman repeatedly proclaimed that these actions ‘beyond the pale’ for her. She could not ignore this blatant attempt to invite a foreign power to influence the outcome of a US election. She asserted this to be a matter of both national security and the security of our country’s future.

The crowd interrupted the Congresswoman several times to applaud her words and efforts. They were pleased with the Congresswoman’s messages on impeachment, PFAS-mitigation legislation, and H.R. 3 designed to lower prescription drug costs.

In addition to serving as a check on the power of the Office of the President, the Congresswoman stated that the office of Congressperson was duty-bound to pass legislation that solved problems for the people of the United States. Therefore, she sought to do both of those jobs.

Not everyone at the event supported her stance. A handful of people wore MAGA hats, held Trump signs and homemade signs, and spoke to the media about their viewpoints. The Congresswoman asked for a question from someone who opposed her decision to support an impeachment inquiry. Unfortunately, other constituents asked questions about other issues. No opposition question was presented.

The crowd dispersed quickly and quietly after the question portion of the session was cut short. The Congresswoman spent the next twenty minutes speaking to voters one-on-one as well as to the gathered media.

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