A Message for Susan Collins

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From: Diane Russell 
Date: Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 3:35 PM
Subject: Susan Collins Event
To: Seth

Dear Seth,

I’m so excited because I just received this email from the Lincoln Women’s Leadership Club, and I’m hoping you can help me out! I’d just like to know if the Senator will be spending any time during this recess here at home meeting with Maine voters. 

During the Kavanaugh hearings, she “could not” meet with 25-30 elected officials who came all the way to DC, and of the 40+ Mainers I personally brought down on a bus, she seemed to only have time to meet with five. Of course that was because she was super busy reading the FBI report and having lunch with Mitch McConnell. Come to think of it, recent news makes me wonder if maybe she actually read the whole report given there were allegations in there that were not followed up on. Maybe she just had another long lunch with Mitch.

Thankfully, some of the women who drove overnight on a bus from Maine began telling their horrifying stories of rape, child molestation and sexual violence in her office. The AP and CNN happened to be there and started filming, and then a lovely staffer came out and offered to meet with five people. I mean, what red-blooded American woman DOESN’T want to share that with the rest of the country?

Gosh darned it, we even tried to give her a good ol’ Maine “Welcome Home” at the airport in Bangor after her – how did Mitch put it? – “historic” speech, but apparently the normal entrance the rest of use at that airport was closed. (Funny… the doors seemed to work…) 

I served eight years in the Maine House so believe me, I totally get how complicated and difficult it is to meet up with your voters, ESPECIALLY when it’s recess. As the friendly neighborhood cashier at the local convenience store, it was a bit easier for me because I caught up with my constituents whenever they came in the store. It’s much harder to get home from DC, especially when your plane reroutes through California.

In her defense, it’s only been two decades since she has held a town hall in Maine, and I’m sure she’s super busy raising lots of money from women in other states during her recess that, according to the Senate calendar is listed as a “State Work Period.” 

I realize that it’s 2019 and sorta passe for constituents and voters to want to meet with their US Senators – it is borderline audacious – but we would be most grateful if she would grace us with her presence. 

At all.

If you could just pass on the request that she maybe do a town hall event this recess, there’s a lot of Maine voters who would just welcome a chance to let her know their concerns. Kisses!

Kind Regards and best wishes,
~Hon. Diane Russell
Portland, Maine

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Former State Rep who led the fights to reform superdelegates nationally, and to legalize marijuana, and launch RCV in Maine.

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