Julia Pulver for State Representative (39th District)

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This isn’t Julia Pulver’s first campaign. And she’s not a novice either. A graduate of the candidate training program Emerge Michigan, Pulver is equipped not only with the tools of the campaign trade but also the determination that comes from someone who knows that success in elections can be inexplicably fickle.

Pulver isn’t one to give up easily.

Run up to the Run

Beside being a Registered Nurse and a mother of four (Nora, 12; Sadie, 11; Avery, 10; and Alice, 7), Pulver formed the organization Women Organize Michigan in the wake of the 2016 Presidential elections.

WOM is designed to bring “Progressive women around the state join together to plan our next move, to take stock, make an action plan, and show everyone we will not be intimidated.”

Through a series of summits around the State, WOM has activated women for political activism. Summits have provided thousands of women the opportunity to learn about their elected officials (local thru Federal) and the progressive causes that impact women.

Pulver said, “Women Organize Michigan has been a catalyst for many emerging political activists and candidates in Michigan. It has been my honor to mentor and guide these women for the betterment of all of us.”

Through her Emerge Michigan experience and her networking with WOM, Pulver has built a support structure to catapult her into the State House in 2020.

39th State House District

The 39th represents a part of the metro Detroit area characterized by auto industry executives, all sports lakes, and a fast-expanding population of young families and professionals. A traditionally Republican stronghold, Pulver’s previous campaigns for Oakland County Commissioner and State Senator moved the needle significantly toward a Democratic victory.

Pulver’s platform is grounded in kitchen table issues near and dear to the hearts of all Michiganders: getting the healthcare they need, protecting clean lakes and rivers for families, and fighting for better wages and job protections.

“I know that this district deserves better representation in Lansing. I want to bring that to them,” Pulver said. 

Julia’s experience as a nurse, from bedside to boardroom, a mom, and an organizer has taught her not only how to multitask and prioritize, it has taught her how to negotiate and coordinate with multiple interested parties, and how to bring people together for the sake of getting things done.

She understands the multitude of challenges and competing priorities that need to be addressed when taking peoples’ lives and interests into her hands.

 To learn more about Julia, donate to her campaign, or volunteer, visit https://www.juliapulver.com/.

Women Lead Michigan

Unresponsive, out-of-touch elected officials is a theme seen over and over in Michigan today. Years of gerrymandering, scape goating, and empty promises have seen backward slides in public education funding, slashes to environmental and public health protection agencies, and the stripping of worker rights in the state that birthed the UAW.

But with leaders in the State House on the horizon like Julia Pulver, Michigan has a bright future to lead the nation in middle class growth, talent development, and economic stability.

Learn more about the Women Lead Michigan series.

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