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Women’s Rights

GIFs for the Rally for Abortion Justice

Rally for Abortion Justice On October 2nd, the Rally for Abortion Justice is happening in every single state to protect access to abortion and call for our senators to do the same.


Don’t mess with Texas women

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he’ll “eliminate” rape rather than let victims get abortions. That’s after his bill that bans abortions without any exception for rape or incest and offers bounties to


The Week That Was

Our featured artist this week is David Bythewood who has created these powerful graphics to share the news of the past week. In February David explained his motivation this way “I do


Prescott Indivisible Newsletter

Prescott Indivisible Newsletter:February 24, 2021 CALL TO ACTION: SAVE OUR SCHOOLS Next week is National Public Schools Week Raise your voices to fight bad bills and support our public schools during #PublicSchoolsWeek. It’s also “Crossover Week” at

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