A Faith-Based Look at the Threat to Women’s Rights

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Over the last two days, for the first time in my social media activism, I have retweeted pro-abortion posts.

As a Catholic, I have not changed my faith-based stance that life begins at conception. While I understand the scientific stages of pregnancy, the result of it is the creation of another human being. And no one can tell me — because it is a mystery — at what point each of us gains our very soul.

However, I have always believed there should be limited, rare exceptions where abortion comes up against the morality of a terrible wrong, such as rape, incest, or a danger to the life of the mother. There should be allowances for these circumstances.

More importantly, I believe we each have been given free will to make choices in our lives, especially when it comes to bodily autonomy. It is why — though I don’t like it — I have to put up with the choice many Americans have made during the Covid-19 pandemic not to partake in a life-saving vaccination program or do something as simple as wear a mask in public. 

No, I have been retweeting pro-abortion stances because the Texas law that places a bounty on the heads of the state’s female citizens is itself a terrible moral wrong and a very ill-conceived law.

This law — which the conservative justices of the Supreme Court are unwilling to fully examine — relegates all women to the status of second-class citizens living in what has arguably been a test of how broadly democracy can exist among warring ideologies. 

It creates a spy society, where citizens are asked to tattle on each other to civil courts for a $10,000 reward. 

It is reminiscent of both fascist and communist regimes, where people are rewarded for turning neighbors, friends, even strangers over to authorities for any and every alleged violation against the state. 

It is McCarthyism on steroids. 

That it is aimed only at women when men are active participants in the creation of a pregnancy is also legally and morally wrong. Especially in a purportedly democratic society.

We have become a nation where a small, radical, far-right minority has taken power of government at local and state levels. That minority is now using this power to game the system at the federal level through draconian voter restrictions and gerrymandering trickery. 

But there is one way to create a truly democratic society. Polling data says that the vast majority of citizens 18 and over support issues that impact their lives, like making it easier to vote, increasing funding for education and ensuring a woman’s right to an abortion. Our only way forward is if more citizens cast a vote in support of the issues that matter to them.  

One of those issues impacting 51% of us is to finally pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

Because clearly our Constitution as currently applied does not guarantee women the level of protections it gives to the men of this nation. 

Until we demand it does, it never will. 

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Cheryle Johnson is a former reporter, PR/HR Manager living in Metro Atlanta. She is an award winning journalist and poet.

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