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Russian Propaganda on American TV

The Russian version of the article is available on the Mnews website. Set the scene: Georgian snipers shooting protesters on the Ukrainian Maidan under the leadership of an American officer; President Poroshenko organizing a complex scheme in order to interfere

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Trump’s Corruption Defense is his Confession

The GOP senators refused to call witnesses and will acquit Trump on Wednesday. That’s a travesty of justice especially given that Trump has openly confessed to the bribery scheme. How so? Trump’s


Only the Young

The reason to be optimistic is because of young people like Greta, David Hogg, Taylor Swift, and so many others.


A Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander

The notion that putting Ukraine at a deadly disadvantage in an active war with Russia, by withholding funds is merely “inappropriate,” is disingenuous at best, and at worst, an outright lie.


Winning at any Cost

How you felt about yesterday’s defense presentation depends entirely on how you feel about Newt Gingrich’s “win at any cost” advice to the Republican Party.


Bolton and More Bogus Defense Bingo

I had the Bogus Defense Bingo card ready for Monday, when the news about Bolton broke, which raises the question: Will this change the defense strategy?


Bogus Defense Bingo

I was trying to figure out a way to get through it without wanting to poke my eyeballs with a fork. So I came up with an idea.

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