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Medicaid Expansion

Dr. Barbara Bollier: The Democratic Senator for Kansas

Ever since the Kansas Republican party formed in 1859, it has dominated the state’s politics. After joining the Union 3 years later, Kansas sent 29 Republicans, 2 Populists, and only 3 Democrats to the Senate. Since 1932 Republicans have held

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50-State Strategy: Idaho

Power-Building Strategy: Build support for popular, progressive policies using ballot initiatives. In the Red States section of the 2040 Project, we highlight Idaho as a model for how to use ballot initiatives


MO Democratic Insider – August 8, 2020

If you find this newsletter helpful and informative, consider supporting us with a contribution. Volume 2, Issue 20 – August 8, 2020 THE WEEK IN REVIEW — Get ready for the 2020 Truman Dinner!


Victory is OURS

Friends, Our statewide line-up of Missouri Democratic Party candidates is official! We’re sending Nicole Galloway, Alissia Canady, Rich Finneran, Yinka Faleti, and Vicki Englund to the State Capitol to usher in a

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