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So much news in so little time – both encouraging news and not-so-encouraging news.  Missouri continues to receive national attention due to the COVID-19 Delta outbreak, but there are many more things happening around the state. Democrats have seen multiple big wins over the last few weeks in the fight for fairness in healthcare and the wellbeing of our communities.

On the Medicaid front: This week a lower court in Missouri sided with the plaintiff, or in other words, agreed with the state Supreme Court on their earlier decision to uphold the Medicaid Amendment. Judge Jon Beetem also issued an immediate injunction prohibiting the state from denying coverage to the expanded group.

That means more Missourians have access to MOHealthnet, the state version of Medicaid. Finally.

Spread this news far and wide – to your neighbors, family and friends. For 330,000 more of us, it is now our constitutional right. The state website is still going through updates, but you can bypass the salary section by pressing “Enter.”

In other good news, our very own Congresswoman Cori Bush changed the course of not only many Missourian lives, but American lives when she camped out on the steps of the Capitol to protest the end of the COVID-19 enacted eviction moratorium. After three days and nights of crowds and protest, the White House extended the moratorium until at least October 3rd.

Cori Bush is an example of democracy in action. Thank you for standing up and using your voice to lift up the rights and needs of unhoused Americans.

Governor Parson once again showed he does not respect the rule of law by pardoning Mark and Patricia McCloskey last week, the couple who plead guilty to criminal charges after brandishing a semiautomatic gun and pistol at peaceful protestors. 

Among his list of 12 pardons and 2 commutations, there were two noticeably missing: Kevin Strickland and Lamar Johnson.

Kevin Strickland was charged with murder in 1979 and the prosecutors of his case have apologized for wrongly convicting him. Lamar Johnson was convicted of murder in 1994, without any evidence whatsoever. The top prosecutor in St. Louis filed a motion for his release yet he remains in prison. Governor Parson has the ability to pardon wrongly convicted people but he has yet to do so despite overwhelming evidence and loud calls for justice from Missourians, criminal justice advocates and the prosecutors themselves.

This appalling situation shines a light on the many reforms needed in our criminal justice system. This is what the country sees when they look at Missouri. The prosecutors of the Strickland and Johnson’s cases have admitted their mistakes and called for their release themselves. Yet, these men, one who has served 43 years and the other 25, are stuck in the system. This shameful situation can be fixed immediately if the Governor just did the right thing and pardoned these men instead of buddying up with now Senate candidate Mark McCloskey.

(Yes, you read that right, he is running for Senate.)

Those of us supporting Mr. Strickland and Mr. Johnson will keep fighting until these men are free. Both men are represented by the Midwest Innocence Project.

At 61 years old, Strickland has nothing to his name. The state of Missouri does not have a compensation program for wrongly convicted people (because of course.) Please consider donating to help this man build a brand new life after 40 wrongful years spent in prison.

Help Kevin Strickland & his representation prepare for his life after incarceration (when Parson does the right, just & moral thing) – click the photo below to donate:


Help is here

The House Democratic Caucus officially passed Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill that will help our country rebuild and repair everything to roads and bridges to preparing the state for the move to “green” production. 

But, our lovely Senator Hawley thinks it is just another example of the “woke agenda.” Sen. Hawley must have missed the policy handout…

Redistricting Missouri

Both the Missouri House and Senate Bipartisan Citizens Commissions met for the first time on Aug 10th at 10:00am. The House Commission was in session until 6:30pm Tuesday evening with Democrats standing strong and fighting for fairness, transparency and democracy.

It was abundantly clear that as Democrats, we were focused on a process that will result in fair maps through a transparent and open process, while Republicans were only focused on trying to rig the game in their favor to grab and retain power.

 While some of their moves were just another example of power-hungry Republicans trying to divide our state, we have to band together to ensure our communities thrive for the next decade and generations to follow.”

The Commissions will meet on October 18th, 19th, 21st and November 4th, 9th and 10th. Times are yet to be determined and meetings are open to the public.

Rich Trumka passing

Rich Trumka, the President of the AFL-CIO, passed away this week. He was and will remain one of the most powerful voices for workers, families and Americans. Rich never stood back when he saw something that was not right – he stood up tall and devoted himself to working people. He was determined to protect laborers against corporate America and keep our middle class strong. With his unparalleled leadership and the entire AFL-CIO, we know courageous voices and new leaders will continue his devoted work. Labor unions, the state of Missouri and the county have so much to thank Trumka for.

Thank you AFL-CIO, for sharing Mr. Trumka with us.

Rest in Power Michael Brown

Michael Brown was murdered by police officers in St. Louis on August 9th, 2014. His death set in motion one of the largest ongoing protests America has seen. Yet, since 2015, officers have fatally shot at least 135 black people. COVID19 is not the only epidemic this country and state has.

The last two weeks have seen many anniversaries, holidays and even a BIG birthday.

August 10th was Missouri’s 200th birthday! You don’t look a day over 199.

August 6th was the anniversary of the first Voting Rights Act of 1965. Today, we still need to ensure voting rights  and pass the For the People Act & the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to ensure EVERYONE can safely and freely cast ballots.

August 9th was the International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples. Watch Deb Haaland’s, the first Indigenous secretary in history, announcement here.

August 10th was also the Hijri New Year, observed by those celebrating the Islamic New Year.

Missouri needs more leaders that will fight for healthcare rights, eviction moratoriums and criminal justice reform. Donate below to help us recruit more candidates:

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