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Chaos at the US Capitol

Chaos Agents in the U.S. Capitol

“Officer Brian Sicknick was a hero who died in the line of duty defending our democracy and the citadel of liberty itself. To his family and loved ones, I know no words can dull the pain of this moment, but

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The Testing of our Democracy

1812, The Civil War, Nixon, all things that stretched our Democracy. Until now, we have not had a violent attempted Coup from the highest levels of the US Government, SCOTUS, Senate, House


Insurrection From Within

We warned you, we warned you and here it is trump’s insurrection, a violent coup to stay in power. And He was enabled at the highest levels! #DemCast 


Glenn Kirschner (Start Me Up podcast)

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirscher returns to answer questions about pardons, elected officials who promoted the storming of the Capitol, and how to deal with white supremacy in the military and law


The Final Days

The MOMocrats rejoice that Donald Trump’s residence in our White House ends in five more days – even as they note the damage he’s done will be with us for years. Karoli,


Randy Bryce (Start Me Up podcast)

Randy Bryce, the former Democratic candidate nominee for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district is back! Topics: the insurrection and the piss poor reaction from Republicans, Pelosi’s demand for 25th Amendment or impeachment proceedings,