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Hi everyone,

As per usual for weekends in our county, there’s a lot to do. Our poor header graphic can barely hold them all, as you can see.

Our action for today is at the top left. The filibuster is the most serious issue we have, as it can derail every part of our progressive agenda in Congress, despite our majority in both houses. Read about it here.
Although the post says “#FilibusterFriday,” we’ve included a variety of actions, including calls, emails, letters to the editor, and tweets, to take today and every day next week. We usually assume that these action are just formalities with our Democratic legislators, but there are reports that Senator Feinstein doesn’t want to drop it. There are some compromises and workarounds that a Vox article laid out in our attached reading list, but we truly don’t even have two years to get our work done, according to Indivisible. Once primaries start, legislators become more conservative so as to appeal to a broader group, so they estimates we really only have 6 to 10 months to get the most important bills through the Senate. 

Donations: We’ve collated a bunch of donation and volunteer sites to help those affected here:
A word from Jaquita: We’ve been kept up-to-date on the situation on the ground in Texas by political activist Jaquita Wilson, whose electricity has finally been restored. Watch her here:

Black Live Matter Ventura County is running a Monthly Free Food Program and Houseless Outreach programs. Drop-offs of food, clothing or personal hygiene items can be made Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm,to 2471 Portola Road, Suite 100, in Ventura.  However, please call ahead at 818-641-2396 to make sure someone will be there to meet you. Monetary donation are accepted at Venmo: @blmvc GoFundMe:

The United Way of Ventura County is looking for assistance with the following.

Thank you for all you do in our communities across Ventura County. If you have any questions about opportunities, please email Francesca at
El Concilio Family Services has put out a notice that those who are ready to become citizens may be eligible for free processing, including USCIS fees for those qualified for as long as funding lasts.  Call them at 805-486-9777 to learn if you are qualified.


Friday – 2/19/2021 – ONLINE – “One Night in Miami” (7:00 pm PST)

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. XI Kappa Omega Chapter will host a discussion of the film “One Night in Miami,” starring Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Goree, Aldis Hodge, and Leslie Odom Jr. (Available now on Amazon Prime Video)

There’s are information links on the flyer to join the Zoom call on our site here.
Saturday – 2/20/2021 – ONLINE – “Chocolate Baby Story Time Series” (10:00 am PT)Celebrate Black History Month with Healing Justice SB. Chocolate Baby Story Time is a virtual series that will take place for three consecutive Saturdays beginning February 13th at 10am PT. Please be sure to learn more about the rest of the episodes and other virtual events Healing Justice SB is putting on during Black History month at Register here for each session:

  • February 20, 2021 – 10 A.M. Chocolate Baby Story Time 2: Unapologetically, Black YOU!
    • Hey Black Child by Useni Eugene PerkinsBuk
    • All Because You Matter by Tami Charles
  • February 27, 2021 – 10 A. M. Chocolate Baby Story Time 3:Self-Love, Acceptance, and Family
    • I Am Perfectly Designed by Karamo Brown
    • Mixed Me by Taye Diggs
    • Julián is a Mermaid by Jessica Lov

Saturday – 2/20/2021 – ONLINE – “Virtual Rally and Phone Bank to elect Katrina Foley to the Orange County Board of Supervisors” (12:00 pm PT)

Rep. Katie Porter and her ferocious whiteboard of death has asked for our help! ( Who can resist! 

She and our fellow Indivisibe members in the Conejo Valley know that there are NO insignificant elected offices. (

And according to the early returns, a GOP candidate is ahead in this race. 

They need help connecting with voters from across District 2 to let them know about this crucial Special Election and make sure they return their ballots. Join us to #Flip2Blue and help make history on March 9th! Sign up here(

Please make sure to register in advance and email if you have any questions.

Saturday – 2/20/2021 – ONLINE – “Let’s for real chat!” (12:30 am PT)

Facebook link here. ( Joan, LaShaun and I as we chat on the real about the climate we are in!

Saturday – 2/20/2021 – ONLINE – “Dismantling White Fragility: A Conversation around Transformative Justice” (3:30 – 5:00 pm PST)

Eventbrite link here. ( A webinar on the intersection of race, healing, and justice. The last event in our three-part Our Stories webinar series, Dismantling White Fragility: A Conversation around Transformative Justice and Racial Awakening explores the intersection of race, healing, and justice. 

Robin DiAngelo, a researcher and author of the best-selling book “White Fragility,” explains white fragility to be a defensive response by a white person when their whiteness is highlighted or mentioned, or their racial worldview is challenged, whether this response is conscious or otherwise.

White fragility creates the interpersonal and systemic conditions that prevent courageous conversations around racial justice and equity, and the ways in which white supremacy systematically impacts Black, Indigenous, People of Color. This webinar will focus on dismantling white fragility and demonstrate how we can lean into the discomfort to have these uncomfortable but necessary conversations. The goal is to discuss how non-BIPOC can embody anti-racism; embrace learning and processing from a place of compassion and curiosity; and empower viewers with ideas for actionable steps they can take to create brave spaces and promote collective racial healing.

Saturday – 2/20/2021 – ONLINE – “7th Annual Black History Month Celebration” (6:00 am PT)

Facebook link here. ( FREE! ($20 Suggested Donation) musical revue celebrating Black History Month 2021, hosted by assistant director Paul Daniels and vocalist Nicolia Gooding with guest artists Jovan Watkins, Jackie Tolbert, Universal Gospel Choir, and a special presentation from Alma Matters. #oigc35#theNewMainStage#oigcvirtual#wewontstopsinging#oigclive* * * * *
This event is made possible with support in part from the following foundations: California Arts Council, City of Oakland Cultural Fund, Clorox Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce, the Zellerbach Foundation, and with support from individual donors like you!
Visit to make a donation today. 

Sunday – 2/21/2021 – ONLINE – “African Americans In STEM Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon” (9:00 am PT)

Join here. (THIS EVENT HAS FILLED UP!) The National Museum of African American History and Culture and is external) is celebrating National Engineering Week and Women’s History Month with the African Americans in STEM Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. Participants will create and edit Wikipedia pages for African American STEM professionals highlighting the impacts on their communities, nation, and the world. The creation and editing of Wikipedia pages will benefit K-12 students and teachers by sharing the narratives of African American STEM professionals, both the past and present. 

Read about the event here. Hopefully they’ll do it again. We’ll keep an eye out.

Sunday – 2/21&28 and 3/7/2021 – ONLINE – “Civic Sundays – Dial for Dollars / Call Voters for Katrina Foley” (12:00 pm PT)

Sign up here. ( Two great phonebanks for Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley’s March 8 special election for the critical O.C. Board of Supervisors seat. Come dial for dollars or call to get out the vote. We offer a brief training at noon sharp.


WANTED: Postcard writers for Washington DC statehood and the restoration of asylum.

Time to pick up our pens for the resistance again, folks! POSTCARD #1: The disenfranchised conditions of the residents of Washington DC, which remain the same now in the 21st century as it was 200 years ago, is apalling and untenable. We need to ramp up to launch speed and get this horrendous injustice reversed. 
We are sending out full packets of cards to both DEMS who haven’t signed onto H.R. 51 or H.R.1 & all GOP senators. BOTH sides of the cards are already printed. You just need to write in the legislator’s name, sign and mail. Send a request to with “51 POSTCARDS” in the subject line.
POSTCARD #2: Who remembers Ken Cuccinelli, Trump’s mean-spirited immigration official, who tried to twist Emma Lazarus’s poem at the foot of the Statue of Liberty to exclude people who were actually tired and poor? We kicked out Trump and all his minions. Now it’s time to take back asylum. And not just take it back, but make it better and more just. Join in with What’s Next’s postcard campaigns for immigration.”

Two anti-fossil fuel actions to take today!

Post here:
Action #1- Join in today’s email project to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline!

Basics: Line 3 is a tar sands pipeline already under construction in northern Minnesota by Enbridge, the multinational corporation responsible for the largest US inland oil spill. This project to transport a million barrels of corrosive tar sands per day from the world’s most destructive oil operation in Canada, violates treaty rights, risks over 200 bodies of water and untouched wetlands with the threat of an oil spill, and reverses our progress on climate change with a carbon equivalent of 50 coal-fired power plants. It’s being funded by Chase Bank.

Send some emails: Link here. ( your voice to the growing demand to banks like Chase, Citi, Bank of America and TD Bank to STOP financing Line 3. Send a direct email to CEOs now to demand that they stop funding the toxic Line 3 pipeline. Your email will go directly to the inboxes of CEOs, executives, and Board members of the banks funding Line 3.Action #2 – Write to Joe Biden to fulfill his promise to end the era of fossil fuel.
Email Joe a letter here. ( Under “Message Type,” scroll to “Contact the President.” You’re welcome use the model message below but it’s even better if you can personalize it. Also, sign this petition here. ( letter included in post.

Charge ALL the Capitol criminals

Post here:

Action #1: Write a comment to the Department of Justice

According to an article in the Hill, some officials are thinking of letting the “nonviolent insurrectionists” who invaded our Capitol walk with NO consequences. Tell the DOJ that ALL of them entered our Capitol with the the intent to interfere with the lawful certification of Electoral College votes and should be charged with the appropriate federal crime – and there are several to choose from. 

Link to DOJ comment page here. ( Select “Messages to the Attorney General.” (The tricky bit is to keep it to 2000 characters or less.) Here’s our post. We’ve put all the laws affecting crimes at the Capitol and some additional resources you can use to create your post at the bottom. Mix it up. It doesn’t need to be long. Model letter included in post.

Action #2: Copy your letter to your legislator

WATCHVirtual Townhall with Senator Padilla and Indivisible.

Indivisible Ventura

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