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Worried about COVID? Vote NO on the California Recall

Worried about COVID? Vote NO on the California Recall. “Republicans risk becoming face of delta surge as key GOP governors oppose anti-covid measures” (WaPo). Stop politics from infecting California’s science based COVID response. Healthcare workers know firsthand how politics influences

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Homer’s Voting Guide

Homer’s Voting Guide How do you describe Democratic accomplishments? Duh! Ask Homer. Democrats have delivered for working Americans despite Republican roadblocks for their rich donors. How do you describe these Democratic accomplishments so that


President Biden Delivers

President Biden Delivers The Inflation Reduction Act caps a long list of accomplishments by President Biden and Democrats. How do you present the facts so they are easy to understand? Organize information


Putin’s Republican Cheerleaders

Putin’s Republican cheerleaders Ronald Reagan condemned Russian communism. Many Republican leaders now praise Putin. What gives? Follow the money to see how Republican leaders became Putin cheerleaders. How Russia helped Trump get elected


Freedom To Vote Act: A Visual Guide

Freedom To Vote Act: A visual guide A picture is worth a thousand words. The Freedom to Vote, priceless. Visual communications convey messages with pictures. Pictures are easy to understand, remember and share. This


Voter Suppression by Eviction

Voter suppression by eviction A Supreme Court stacked with McConnell nominees overruled the CDC allowing landlords to evict thousands of families during a pandemic. Judicial activism now defines health policy. Republicans at


Signs of Voter Suppression

Signs of voter suppression Infographics help understand the dozens of Republican voter suppression schemes. The human brain is a lazy muscle. It skips things that require effort with too much information, to