Signs of Voter Suppression

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Signs of voter suppression

Infographics help understand the dozens of Republican voter suppression schemes.

The human brain is a lazy muscle. It skips things that require effort with too much information, to something that’s easy and eye-catching.

How do you get busy people to engage with issues that are important but not simple at first glance?

Use infographics to grab their attention. Pictures are easier to understand than words. Infographics combine both text and images. They’re easy to understand regardless of your age, education and the language you speak. Infographics are easily updated and are easy to share.

We used the free Infogram app to create this infographic in four hours on Republican voter suppression schemes.

Try this experiment. Guess what these icons mean?

Infographics are easy to understand regardless of your age, education and the language you speak

Voter suppression in pictures

We used data from the excellent Brennan Center “Voting Laws Roundup: July 2021” to create this infographic. DemLabs created icons for a dozen of the Republican voter suppression schemes and used to design an infographic. The infographic is a shortcut. It is not a substitute for detailed information. Design highlights:

The Republican Voter Suppression Infographic displays well on a phone, tablet or laptop automatically.
The icons were uploaded to Infogram. Each icon has a link to the Brennan Center webpage for more information on each the voter suppression schemes.
Bold colors and animation make the infographic more engaging. Notice how the icons and text slide in from the sides as you scroll down.
sharing link makes it easy to share the infographic with others.
The infographic is dynamic and can be updated with new information such as for instance when the Republicans introduce more voter suppression bills.

Republican voter suppression schemes infographic.gif

Infographics KISS

Keep it simple, and straightforward (KISS) is a design principle which states that designs and/or systems should be as simple as possible. Wherever possible, complexity should be avoided in a system—as simplicity guarantees the greatest levels of user acceptance and interaction. 

In user experience design, the KISS principle works for users who tend to lead busy lives will quickly abandon something complex. this philosophy is even more vital to follow in the case of designing for mobile device where the users operate phones with one hand. The end-user doesn’t care how clever the creator of something is. They care about being able to take that person’s output and make it useful to their own lives. The simpler the explanation and the simpler the product, the more likely it is that the output will be useful to others.” – Interaction Design Foundation

This is how we designed the Republican Voter Suppression infographic for simplicity:

Signs of Republican Voter Suppression infographic
Inspire people to action with better storytelling using images

Free infographic resources

The voter suppression related icons used in this infographic might be helpful in your work too. DemLabs is making these sixteen icons available free of charge from this link. You are welcome to use them for free without any attribution.

Free icons on voter suppression

TakeAway: Here is the takeaway from this infographics blog in pictures. Deepak

Inspire people to action with better storytelling using images

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