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Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! Well, it’s beginning: The Great Reopening. Except in Kentucky, it’s more like The Very Gradual Reopening. At his presser on Wednesday, Governor Beshear shared the segments of the economy and society that can open in May, and the dates each can reopen. (You can find the list in the update post on the site.)

It’s a slow and steady reopening, rather than the fast-and-reckless reopening that’s happening in some other states. And that’s a good thing – a study by the Gatton School at UK, normally a free-market, libertarian-leaning group, said that Beshear’s policies during the pandemic have prevented many thousands of new cases, and have saved over 2,000 lives.

I have to say, it is gratifying to have Andy Beshear as governor right now. His management of the state’s pandemic response, and his leadership throughout, have been solid, steady, and effective. And, he has proven something else: when government has to be the one to make the difference, good government matters.

We’re not there yet. We may see a second surge once the reopening begins. We almost certainly will see a second surge in the fall. But however the future plays out, I’m glad we have the leadership in Frankfort that we have now.

Wash those hands. Wear those masks. Take care of yourself. We’re going to get through this, together. #TeamKentucky

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Beshear announces schedule for first reopenings – 4/29 update
Gov. Beshear announced details of the first broad phase of his plan to re-open Kentucky’s economy in May, while also noting segments that will not open yet. Details are in the story. Also, there is news of a possible treatment, and updates on changes to airline travel. Plus, the complete video of the presser. (Forward Kentucky)

Yarmuth says federal aid for states and cities is ‘virtually certain to happen’
U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth said he is confident Congress will send funding relief to cities and states struggling with steep coronavirus-related drops in revenue. He called it “virtually certain to happen,” despite hesitance from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Yarmuth told The Courier Journal on Wednesday that the ability to provide basic services is “where the crisis is right now” for cities and states across the country seeing sales and payroll tax declines as the economy has shut down. (Courier-Journal)

‘Healthy at Home’ has saved 2,000 lives, UK study shows
A UK study indicates Gov. Beshear’s “Healthy at Home” efforts have had a major effect on reducing the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in Kentucky. (Forward Kentucky)

Over sixty organizations ask electeds to push for help with health care
Sixty-four organizations across Kentucky have sent a letter to Kentucky’s representatives in Washington to push for significant help for Kentuckians’ health care needs. (Forward Kentucky)

As Trump orders meatpackers to stay open, health department complaints allege Louisville plant failed to protect workers
As President Trump ordered meatpacking plants on Tuesday to keep operating amid the coronavirus pandemic, more details are emerging about the concerns workers had about their safety at a facility in Louisville, where dozens of workers were infected and one died. (Forward Kentucky)

Tomorrow’s show
John Yarmuth on The State of Kentucky

On this week’s TSOK, we talk with Cong. John Yarmuth about rescue packages, voting by proxy, and what he thinks of McConnell’s “bankruptcy” comments. Then, we’re joined by Nolan Higdon to talk about his book “The United States of Distraction.” Join us at noon on Friday on Facebook or YouTube, or watch it later on the Forward Kentucky site as well as YT and FB. See you then!

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[new] 🔥 Attorney general threatens lawsuits, Beshear responds – 4/28 update – AG Cameron has filed one court order, joined another, and threatened a third over Gov. Beshear’s executive orders. Beshear commented on those in today’s update. (read and view)

[new] The 10 basic rules for “Healthy at Work” – In case you haven’t seen them yet, here are the ten foundational requirements for all businesses to reopen in Kentucky. Check out the checklist. (read)

[new] 🔥 Reopen churches to in-person services or face legal action, AG says – Attorney General Daniel Cameron is calling upon Gov. Andy Beshear to reopen churches to in-person services or face legal action. (read)

[new] 🔥 Report: Bouchard misled everyone – Former Braidy Industries CEO Craig Bouchard misled the Ashland community, the company’s board of the directors and investors, and crushed any dissent within the company’s ranks, according to a report filed in Delaware Court. (read)

🔥 McGrath releases ad … attacking Mitch’s ad – Senator McConnell recently released a campaign ad where he took credit for passing the CARES Act. In response, the McGrath campaign released their own ad, as well as a series of tweets attacking McConnell. (read)

‘Reopen’ protest movement created, boosted by fake grassroots tactics – In recent days, there have there been public protests against continuing the coronavirus lockdown. The people who are doing the demonstrating may really be frustrated and upset, but new research, and journalistic investigation, is revealing that there are powerful forces behind them, egging them on, who want their influence to remain secret. (read)


When Trump shafts Fox News – It’s coming, you can count on it – Donald Trump is going to put the shaft to Fox News, just like he has so many other loyal allies. (read)

Unions still mourning the dead – and fighting like hell for the living – It’s the 50th anniversary of the Workers Memorial Day. And in the midst of the pandemic, what do we find? Workers still required to work in unsafe conditions, and a federal government that encourages that. (read)

🔥 Dear Kentuckians – Here’s the new normal for us as individuals – We keep hearing Governor Beshear and others refer to the coming “new normal.” But what does that mean? Some people think it will be just going back to the old normal – but they are wrong. Here are Bruce Maples’s predictions on what the new normal will look like for us as individuals. (read)

— Cartoons —

What modern-day heroes REALLY want – During this pandemic, we’ve taken to calling our front-line responders and essential workers the “heroes” of this crisis. Some people have even made capes for them. Aaron Smith, though, captures what many of these modern-day heroes are REALLY thinking. (view)

— Media —

[photo gallery] 🔥 Drive-thru testing in Louisville’s West End – a photo gallery – Del Ramey traveled to Louisville’s West End on Sunday to observe a drive-thru testing site and how the process worked. Here’s a gallery of what he saw there. (view)

 🔥 Anti-Trump Repubs post new coronavirus ad: “Two Americans” – The Lincoln Project has released a new ad, focused on the coronavirus and the contrast between those who are sacrificing and those who are demanding. Watch it here. (view)

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