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Oath to the Constitution Save the Republic

An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi From an Army Veteran

UPDATED JAN. 6, 8:30 EDT As of this morning, around 150 Republicans are assaulting our democracy by planning to overturn the presidential election results. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris clearly won the 2020 presidential election in every

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Women for Biden: Daily Digest, August 31, 2020

64 Days Until Election Day IN THE NEWS Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says President Trump has created ‘hate’ and ‘division’ Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler slammed President Trump’s response to national protests amid

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Women for Biden: Daily Digest, August 27, 2020

68 Days Until Election Day IN THE NEWS Kamala Harris will speak today, hours before Trump’s final address to the RNC Joe’s moving video on the police shooting of Jacob Blake,


Women for Biden: Daily Digest, August 26, 2020

69 Days Until Election Day Today is Women’s Equality Day! Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment #WomensEqualityDay Read: Senator Harris’s excellent Washington Post op-ed Voting is the best way to


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Biden/Harris – “That’s The Ticket”

I’m asking again — Please, Berners, do not enable Trump. I refuse to be a Trump enabler. That means voting for Biden/Harris rather than staying home or voting for some 3rd-party, not-a-chance-in-hell