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Prescott Indivisible Newsletter – MAY 5, 2021

5:30pm  “Happy 1/2 Hour” ——   6pm MeetingDiane McQueen, Outlaw Dark Money andEric Moore, Candidate for Prescott City Council ID: 913 333 5046  Passcode: 134798Meeting ID: 913 333 5046 Donate to Prescott Indivisible & Double Your Money…With Matching Funds through May 30Donations made to

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Prescott Indivisible Newsletter – April 29, 2021

View this email in your browser  or Link to the Prescott Indivisible website Matching Funds for Prescott Indivisible Through May 30 Donations made to Prescott Indivisible via ActBlue will be matched by National Indivisible through May 30.  Every dollar