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May 4, 2021

Biden’s Bold Vision – From Your County Chair

In responding to the emergency created by the recent pandemic, the American Rescue Plan has shown us what good government can do when resources are harnessed for the public good. In March, President Biden doubled down with the announcement of his American Jobs Plan. Then, last week in his 100-Days Speech to Congress, he showcased The American Families Plan.  Joe Biden is on course to do more for Americans than any President since President Johnson initiated the War on Poverty and created Medicare, Medicaid, and the Civil Rights Acts. Our job as grassroots Democrats is to spread that good news. 

Thus, we are about to launch our first major outreach effort since the 2020 campaign by printing and distributing to high-potential targets literature that highlights the benefits of Biden’s plans. We’re also spreading the word through social media, letters to the editor, and talking with our friends and neighbors. Join in this important work!  The links in the last paragraph provide information about each of the three Biden initiatives — consider them your resource. Embedded in those posts are links to the official, more detailed White House Fact Sheets in case you want to know even more. If you want to participate in the distribution of literature in May and June, let us know by writing: (For PCs and volunteers who have indicated an interest in canvassing — we’ll be in touch!)

Concerned that Biden is being a little too bold? Think about this: No Republican President — Nixon, Reagan, either Bush, or Trump has tried to repeal LBJ’s initiatives. Americans wouldn’t stand for it. LBJ’s achievements were overshadowed by the tragedy of the Vietnam War, but the importance and popularity of his domestic programs, like FDR’s, cannot be denied. These changes were bold and progressive. It’s time to support the next progressive movement. 

Republicans are already calling Biden’s proposals a “liberal wish list” and claiming the spending will break the bank. (Funny how they weren’t worried about the deficit when they passed the Trump trillion-dollar tax cut, isn’t it?)  Biden has a plan to pay for his proposals (which Republicans never do). Yes, it involves tax increase — for corporations who haven’t been paying their fair share and for high-earners, taking them back to pre-2017 rates. Restoring equity to our tax system means no new taxes for middle-class earners.

Let’s spread the word:  It’s time to build back better.

Ann Heitland, Chair Coconino County Democratic Party

Arizona Legislature:  Off the Rails

If the Sham Audit were not enough, take a look at the bills passing through the legislature to suppress voting (especially in our tribal communities), to restrict the right to abortion, to suppress free speech, to undo the funding voters clearly required for public schools, and to undermine the environmental initiatives of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Our Legislative Committee continues to write synopses of these bills which you can use in contacting our legislators and Governor Ducey. Some of these protests have actually worked, so please spend a few minutes pursuing the Legislative Alerts on our website.

Right now, the Republicans are writing the budget behind closed doors (when they are not sending out propaganda about their Fraudit).  Another tax cut for the wealthy is in the works so stay tuned to lobby for other priorities over the next few weeks. 

The Sham Audit

You’ve probably already seen a lot about the Sham Audit of Maricopa County related to last November’s Presidential and Senatorial races. Kudos to the Arizona Democratic Party for filing a lawsuit to uncover what a sham this is. Also, to Secretary of State Katie Hobbs for intervening in the lawsuit and putting real election experts inside the Cyber Ninja show to see what’s actually going on.  

The revelations about this circus develop daily, so we won’t attempt to repeat them here. Reporters Jeremy Duda and Brahm Resnick have been doing a great job of daily detailed reporting, as have others. What has become clear is that the Republicans in the Arizona Senate plan to keep the sham going as long as possible to keep their base stirred up and to fleece them for money at the same time. Our own Senator Wing-Nut Wendy Rogers is asking her readers to send money to her because she needs to keep the audit going. Then there are the shadowy national organizations, including one promoted by disgraced General Mike Flynn, who are raising funds also. 

Stay tuned. And, bring your questions to Saturday’s meeting (see below).

Coconino Democratic Action Meeting This Saturday

Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes will be with us on Saturday to talk about the Sham Audit and voter suppression bills in the legislature. Join us at 10:00 am MST/ 11 am MDT on Zoom!

In addition, do you know what the PRO Act is? Yolanda Bejarano from the Communications Workers of America will be with us to explain the Act and why we should support it. Some of us saw this presentation during the ADP Labor Council Meeting recently — you won’t want to miss it.

Our Platform Committee will make its debut presentation on the Crisis in Maternal/Fetal Health. The Committee has been hard at work for months on many issues. This is the first one we’ll be hearing about. 

We’ll also be announcing our first in-person actions since the pandemic shut us down — and more!

Hands Off Our Votes Rally

After the Zoom meeting, get outside and join some of our Democrats in a demonstration for voting rights. 1 pm on City Hall Lawn. Some signs will be available, but bring your own if you can.  MASK UP!  Thank you to Allan Gerston and Nancy Branham for organizing this.

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Watch the Latest News column on our website for Legislative and Congressional Action Alerts as well as reports on the activities of our County Board of Supervisors and the Independent Redistricting Commission.

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